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From complete obscurity comes this brand new Bay Area avant-doom combo called CATAPULT THE DEAD (supposedly the name of the band refers to ancient practice of catapulting plague-ridden corpses beyond city walls as the first form of biological warfare). A band that has lurked in the shadows of the complete unknown for

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I’m an ULTRA fan of JOY DIVISION because they are one of those bands that have impacted my life and others’ in a major way! So today I wanted to share with you the documentary Joy Division Under Review, where different personalities talk about how this band became so important

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CVLT Nation would like to give an extra HUGE shout out to Countdown to Armageddon, USNEA, NIGHT NURSE, DRUDEN, BLACK LODGE, ALAN HUNTER and everyone how came out to our Seattle 3rd anniversary on April 19th. All of the bands gave stellar performances! The amount of love that I felt

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Their name may have changed, but Riding Easy Records never disappoints us with their releases! From the moment the riffs start on HORNSS’ debut full length, No Blood, No Sympathy, my hair is flailing around my ceaselessly banging head! These tunes are fucking rock n’ roll, and this exclusive stream

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Scene: a thousand lonely apartments, overflowing with vinyl records and copies of Lords of Chaos. A short ding signals the arrival of an email, and one thousand hands click open the press release for two thousand eyes to read. Close ups of faces in shock, bafflement, horror. These intrepid freelance

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Yesterday I watched the Dazed Digital documentary Soap & Stamps about the 80’s hardcore scene in the UK. For almost the entire film I had chills, because it was just so spot on and reminded me how special it was to grow up during this period. I’m not going to

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