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You’re in for the ride of your life on this split album if you’re taking this with you on a road trip cutting through desolate towns in the central United States. In fact, playing this in your Mustang while getting gas at a pump somewhere in the fringes will upset the locals so much, you’re probably not coming back home very soon.

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Have you been searching far and wide for a good soundtrack to mutilate yourself to? Have you been coming up empty-handed at your local record store? If so, FIEND may be the sign from the Dark Lord you’ve been waiting for.

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HALSHUG’s music is fucking RAGING ALL CAPS! Every second of their soon to be released album Blodets Bånd, that hits the street on Feb. 24th via Southern Lord, is off the chain.

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Now this is a doom gem: THORR’S HAMMER performing live in 1995. This video will speak for itself – this band was heavy and next level rolled into one…If you have not heard of THORR’S HAMMER, get with the program.

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Both dealers in misery and purveyors of the downtrodden, the two bands’ consummate pairing makes this release all the more impressive. Whereas Keeper are the sound of a tortured, agonised soul, Sea Bastard are the vehement pain-dealers, gloating in the presence of their comrades’ manacled, broken bodies and basking in their collective anguish – the tormented and the tormentor.

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Nature, Magic, Beauty, Enchantment and Ancient Lands are some of the words that come to my mind as I listen to the the new majestic Anilah & Wardruna song “Warrior (Revisited)” on repeat. This 11-minute composition is a soaring ritualistic anthem that will speak to so many parts of your

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