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Sweden and death metal. It doesn’t exactly need reiterating, but with the wave of death metal from different shores and lands, especially in southern and eastern Europe and pockets of the US delivering some stellar works, our northern brethren won’t allow themselves to be forgotten in the mix. Just ask

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Triple Crazy, Extremely Sick In the Head and Brutal To The Next Fucking Degree only begins to describe the new PRIMITIVE MAN video for “ANTIETAM” directed by Marcos Morales. These lords of heavy will be touring around the world all summer – peep the dates and visual below! All HAIL

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Now based in Bristol (in the UK) but hailing from as far a field as Australia, Botswana and Norway in some shape or form, HUSK have a multitude of issues to overcome in order to record or even play live. With those complications firmly in place, it’s a wonder Hymns

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Many of you fine slime-slingers out there probably do not know this, but the San Francisco Bay Area has been the home for the past three years now to one of the funnest, most brutal and most compelling underground extreme music festivals seen in California and, in our opinion, in

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Along with Dystopia, Stormcrow, Neurosis, and Noothgrush, SKAVEN (who’s guitarist Geoff Evans later formed the mighty Asunder) where the rostrum of Bay Area crust back in the 90’s. In its short existence, this band released only handful of splits, which – after their quick and silent demise – have slowly but surely become

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In our correspondence for the Savage Gold review and stream, I spoke to my good friend Mike Hill of Tombs. We had a back and forth email interview about the album, Tombs in the year 2014 and general influences on life and music. Mike is a great guy. I’ve known

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