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Stargazer need no introduction to you avant-garde black/death metal maniacs. They’ve released several demos, EP and three full-lengths in their career spanning nine years or so. You probably won’t hear me going off about how brutal or how fast they play. To begin with, listeners can’t get high off the

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Review Written by Robert of SIEGE Label: Patac Records In an alternate universe of proper 70’s-culture-worship sanity, BLOOD FARMERS Headless Eyes title cut woulda been a cult hit. Same goes for Bullet In My Head from their s/t 1996 pummellouge on Leaf Hound. Not TOO big a’one, though; this shit’s

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Did DEATH GRIPS break up?…Here is a their new Instrumental Album Fashion Week!…You can stream and download it below! DOWNLOAD HERE!

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Get with this motherfuckers!!! Our Gnarly comrades YAMABUSHI Recordings have just released a 17 track free comp entitled Manifestations Of Everyday Chaos! All of these bands bring the ruckus and give a huge FUCK YOU to the world! Do what I would and download this comp NOW! <a href=””>Manifestations Of

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The debut album by these Wisconsin metal mongers will take you by surprise. This might be third band to hold the name Bereft, but no need to worry, there’s nothing associated with the Faceless within ten feet of this band. Their debut album opens with the title track, which buzzes

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Black metal has showed remarkable evolution through the past several years, adding hints of progressive, punk, and avant-garde influences along the way. In the mold of symphonic black metal, but without emphasis on keyboards, is a band called Vircolac, and their new release for Iron Bonehead Productions, Codex Perfida, is

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