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sapce bong - deadwood to worms

When you run into a “stoner” metal band called Space Bong, you feel like you already know the entire plot without even opening the book, and that the same story is about to repeat itself again and again and again. So, how many endless legions of weed-worshiping doom metal bands

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destroy judas - forever like stars we shine
CrustDoomFeaturedMusicPost RockReviewsSludge

Whenever an emerging doom band comes out with 30-minute single song albums, I run for my pillow and pajamas and take note in my “most pretentious and pompous emerging bands in the world” list. Damn, only people like Corrupted, Moss, Sunn O))) and few others can pull that shit off decently,

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disterror - catharsis
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You can’t deny the rush of adrenaline you get when you hear a great crust album. The soaring melodies, the punishing palm-muted riffs, the aural filth, the desperation, the apocalyptic visions, the unstoppable anger and the seamless and constant blending of metal and punk is what makes crust so fucking

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Tyranny’s Aeons in Tectonic Interment features five epic tracks of funeral doom/death with fitting song titles such as “Sunless Deluge” and “Preparation of a Vessel.” Find an abandoned tunnel and light some candles for this descent into distress. There’s nary a blast beat or uptempo thrash riff in this slow,

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Death MetalDoomFeaturedMusicReviews

In terms of extreme metal – mainly death and doom/death – Finland had, and currently has, a very, very strong scene. The Finnish death metal domain in the ’90s might not have had the same flash that the Swedish and US scenes did, but the albums released in that period were nothing but monumental.

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Upon receiving this record, a friend warned me it was as “if Ian Curtis fronted Torche” with a disdainful sneer – as if that combination could possibly produce an album that wasn’t amazing. Ten seconds into the opening track, ‘Nothing Left to Lose,’ from their self-titled debut, overlap between Heat Dust and those

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Black MetalFeaturedMusicReviews

Black metal feels like an increasingly intriguing genre in 2015. The spin-offs; the cross-genre pollination; the experimentation; it all adds up to an abundance of exceptional releases and some incredibly interesting listening that often finds itself unchained from the archetypal components that have fed the genre over the past thirty

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Of Feather and Bone have come to the table with teeth bared and claws flashing. Pardon the hyperbole, but Embrace the Wretched Flesh is, so far, one of 2015’s strongest releases. Following their EPs, False Healer and Adorned in Decay, along with a split with Reproacher, this debut LP demonstrates

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Apocalyptic BluesFeaturedMusicNeo FolkPsychReviews

The Black Heart Rebellion – LP is Out Now Consouling Sounds Looking at the discography of The Black Heart Rebellion (TBHR), it would appear that this is a relatively new band. With just three full-lengths and three split releases under their belt, the band from Belgium has quite an interesting story.

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80s HardcoreFeaturedHardcoreMusicNoise RockRaw PunkReviews

They’re bass-heavy. They’re untamed. They’re groovy. They’re rebellious. They’re a band that sounds like Wavves if Wavves covered a Jesus Lizard album. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a band called Nervous from Oakland, California. A band made up of only three – but a very credible three

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Black MetalFeaturedReviews

The city of Montreal has a darkness growing within in it. A ghastly, icy-cold beast that hungers to cover the land in eternal darkness. A profane, sacrilegious cabal going under the moniker Spectral Wound. In all honesty, Canada has always gotten a bad rap here in the United States. The

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uncle acid

Uncle Acid and the deadbeats may not be the enigmatic entity they once were – (un)fortunately their star has risen exponentially with the release of each full length, and as such interest has grown alongside it – but their music is still steeped in mystery and a narrative that is akin

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