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Some of us might be aware of the expression, “there are tribute bands and there are tribute bands.” What that means is that tribute bands attempt to remake some of the magic the originators of a sub-genre had created, but most tribute bands come up some ways short of evolutionary,

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They did it. They fucking did it. After years of chasing each other around all over the country on endless joint tours and doing absolutely nothing to hide a deep and long running friendship, two of America’s most prominent and innovative doom bands – THOU from Baton Rouge, LA, and

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From complete obscurity comes this brand new Bay Area avant-doom combo called CATAPULT THE DEAD (supposedly the name of the band refers to ancient practice of catapulting plague-ridden corpses beyond city walls as the first form of biological warfare). A band that has lurked in the shadows of the complete unknown for

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HardcoreMusicPost RockReviewsSludge

The UK has birthed many post metal bands of late, from many different corners of the spectrum, but there’s been a particular rise in bands like Echoes, sharing a similar aesthetic to Devil Sold His Soul along with other bands up and down the country like Lands and Acres. Meshing

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Black MetalReviews

Holy Christ! Ornamental Headpiece sounds like an odd name for a black metal band, but if you listen to good music, I mean good extreme metal, Ornamental Headpiece should be a household name! Doubt if the band likes the idea, though. But man, Ornamental Headpiece’s punk-meets-black metal absolutely rocks my

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Avant GardeReviews

High concept records can often become decidedly hard work or terribly boring but as with the case with Demon, Gazpacho’s eighth full length record, sometimes all the elements combine to create a work that touches the soul and forms a very present world to fall into. Demon is a work

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