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The corpse of old-school death metal still looms large over the metal scene, a number of years after the new wave of old-school death metal trend washed back into the underground like the raw, putrid sewage it was meant to be. Suitably underground, intense, and Scandinavian-influenced, another set of landmark

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Blame black metal for the ragged lo-fi punk coming out of Norway being a few shades darker than the punk coming from closer to the equator. Black metal certainly leaves its stain on Okkultokrati’s new album. The first song is possessed by growled vocals not far removed from Darkthrone’s black ‘n

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One of the most enduring quality’s of the extreme Hardcore and Metal scene is the global community which has sprung up over the last thirty years. From the early days of tape and zine trading via the postal service to our modern digital age, where we are able to scope

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The term “tried and true” is not necessarily a bad thing. It is often used as a way to describe something that has been repeated, over-used and run into the ground. Something that has played its course and has been worn thin. On the flip side, the term can be

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One does not need to go much beyond the origin of Gnaw Their Tongues name in order to understand what they are getting into. The expression comes from the Book of Revelation and describes one of the punishments in hell. In essence, what Mories, the multi-instrumentalist and composer behind Gnaw

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Deaf Dance was formed in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles in Summer 2016. Jerry Narrows, former singer of Flaamingos (felte) was joined by promising keyboardist Hannah Doumitt and the two started crafting post-punk/darkwave music with a definite dreampop and shoegaze influence. Traces of early 80’s stalwarts like The

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