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Alright everyone my girlfriend/partner/person who puts up with me is out running errands and will probably be back soon so I gotta make this quick. Not because the Scandinavian thrash gods Foreseen deserve to be short changed in an article, but mainly so my partner and I can catch up

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Grave Upheaval’s latest full-length release doesn’t have a title, and the songs don’t have any either, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying their putrid, oozing, rotten style of ritual death metal. The record is cleaner production-wise this time around, as their last full-length album via the same label, Nuclear

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One of the most prominent bands in the extreme doom/death scene, Mournful Congregation grabbed everyone’s attention in 1999 with the release of their debut album, Tears from a Grieving Heart. Encapsulating all the sorrow and pain of the genre, the emotive lead work, the glacial pace and the introspective perception,

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Fister’s last full length release featured one torturous track that spread itself like the bubonic plague across 45 minutes. Bell Witch did something similar last year, of course, although the latter’s even longer Mirror Reaper did have shades of white cushioned alongside the black. With Fister there is no white,

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The Chicago based industrial duo HIDE were formed in 2014, and have since released a series of excellent EPs and singles, building up towards their debut album, Castration Anxiety. Comprising of visual artist Heather Gabel and percussionist Seth Sher, the sonic territories that HIDE explore are diverse. Structuring their sound

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There’s a hollow ring to the concept of “supergroup” in a scene that prides itself in opposing mediocrity and sensationalism. Tearing down that often invisible barrier between the band and the audience became a staple in hardcore punk, along with belief that we’re all the same – hardcore kids, even

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