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Old Man Gloom - The Ape Of God

The titans of drone and sludge metal known as Old Man Gloom have returned to offer up yet another audio sacrifice with their latest release The Ape of God. A fitting follow up to their previous album No, which marked a highly anticipated return from an eight year hiatus. With

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Sacramento’s Bog Oak has only been together for about a year and a half, but you’d never guess by listening to their first EP, A Treatise on Resurrection and The Afterlife. Their songs exhibit a mature sense of structure, and each track directly feeds into the next, which are both

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Death MetalFeaturedReviews

Following the release of Drowned’s debut album, Idola Specus, it was time to do a retrospective of their career. Since their inception back in 1992, the band has released a plethora of demos and EPs. This band has never stayed in one place and has taken its time to experiment

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Skelethal are back with a slew of old-school Swedeath tracks after just releasing their critically-acclaimed Deathmanicvs Revelation LP earlier this year. They clearly are going for the jugular in Swedeath revival history, as their new LP, Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity, hits a home run with the bases loaded

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FeaturedHardcoreMusicNoisePost RockPost-PunkReviews

In the post-9/11 world in which we all live, there have been many bands that play aggressive or weird styles of music who have had their records used for the purpose of enhanced interrogation (the nice way of saying torture) on captured enemy combatants. Bands like Slayer and Skinny Puppy

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Breaking away from the safer post-punk archetypes, Cleveland’s Privacy//Policy is not devoid of the cold noise made famous by Ian and the boys. However, they also dabble in other elements from the 80’s. “This is Our Mandate” sneaked in under the radar back in June. Sonically the album is one

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Noneuclid drop a megaton bomb on the metal world by the name of Metatheosis, their debut album. Members of Triptykon, Dark Fortress and Obscura comprise the band. No Tom G. Warrior here, but these guys do more than hold their own. Elements of progressive thrash and doom are the main

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Black MetalFeaturedMusicReviews

I was introduced to Thaw a few months ago, when they released their split with another Polish band, Echoes of Yul (you should also check them out, and especially their second full-length, Cold Ground, for some really cool atmospheric doom/drone). But Thaw really captivated my attention with their ambient black

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Avant GardeFeaturedMusicNoiseReviews

Jacques Lacan never lived enough to see Žižek synthesize his ideas with the Marxist theory, and neither did Jacques Derrida, to hear what the music had to say, on his literary method, which he himself always rejected to call a ‘method’ in the first place: deconstruction. Entering the domain of

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Avant GardeFeaturedMusicReviews

Der Blaue Reiter, or The Blue Rider, was originally the name of an group of artists whose membership was rejected by the Munich New Artist’s Association in Germany in the early 1900’s. The artists who formed The Blue Rider felt that the Association was too traditional and that their principals

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irn - sewer disease banner

Fucking SEWER DISEASE…. Can you possibly go wrong? With a title like this, what do you think is about to crawl into your ears? SLUDGE. Walls of disgusting Sabbath worship gone all fucking wrong. Total sonic gangrene. Total revolting musical slime and hatred. IRN had already blown our fucking minds

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Suffering Luna go a long way back. The psychedelic hardcore band was formed back in the ‘90s but has not been very active. They released a couple of split albums, one with sludge/crust overlords Dystopia and the other with Gasp, and then vanished from the scene for about fifteen years.

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