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Few bands are more respected in underground black metal circles than Slidhr, after releasing their debut full-length, Deluge, in 2013 to widespread acclaim. Still, that fanbase is quite small in comparison than with most black metal bands embraced by mainstream black metal audiences. With their latest EP, Spit of the

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Here are the latest and best Italian hardcore punk bands these days, enjoy. 1. LVTHN – Split Leviathan​/​Kratzer​/​Rha​.​/​Paan LVTHN (Or Leviathan) are a d-beat crust/screamo/hardcore band from Rome and we have talked about their amazing music before on this site. This time the band has returned with two songs that

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Ah, Switzerland…home of great Swiss cheese and Swiss chocolate. It is also where the band Dakhma hail from. This could be Iron Bonehead’s best release this year. Don’t believe me? Just ask my friend Fenris. Funny that Dakhma would call Switzerland home. The pride of Switzerland…get this: Swiss Alps, Swiss

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isolant - isolant
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As 2015 winds down to its final moments, we present you with a handful of releases from 2015 which you won’t see on any “best of” list or on any “year end” lists, because that stuff that ends up on those lists you’ve probably heard again and again and again,

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mamiffer - 2015
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SIGE Records is a label from Washington state operated by Aaron Turner and Faith Colaccia, and the two also make up the core creative force behind the ambient/post-rock unit Mamiffer. This month the label has announced two amazing releases that deserve everyone’s most focused and dedicated attention. DANIEL MENCHE & MAMIFFER – Crater

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Triumvir Foul release their debut self-titled full-length album, and it’s a slight change in direction from the Swedeath-sounding An Oath of Blood and Fire demo. Their second release channels a bit of ancient death metal to their style, and on this record Triumvir Foul play it fitting tribute with filthy, gritty, no-holds

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