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Bands don’t have to play intensely melodic, structured music to win over underground fans. While it’s true that underground metal is typically known for violent, frantic, frenetic play, the performances on tap must be just as stellar as it is nuanced – breaking barriers, defying stereotypes, and all while producing music with

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Racism is never a joke…Phil Anselmo, you straight fucking played yourself in the eyes of so many, and CVLT Nation will never support you in any way or form. I have been an active part of the underground music community since the early 80s, and I have never made the

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Many bands from the underground never make it as far as the cemetery gates. So, trust Iron Bonehead Productions to choose what’s good from what’s not, and you’ll find that you’ll be playing some worthwhile music more often. Iron Bonehead Productions issues another release worth plunging into the doldrums, with

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Portland-based Lung Molde have offered us their first slab of “punishing life-negating doom metal,” put out by underground metal/punk sanctuary Caligari Records. Lung Molde drop six tracks of mid-paced, relatively concise (for the genre, anyhow) and harsh doom/sludge metal in under 40 minutes. Lung Molde’s sound is muggy, oppressive, and a bit too

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Have you ever thought about Finland? I mean like, the land of incredible folklore and insane black metal? Yes? No? Either way I think I have something that will keep you thinking about it/make you start thinking about it. Enter melodic, death-infused black metal band Loputon Suo. They’re a four

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In 2013, Paramnesia released their first ever outing – the mesmerizing and shape-shifting music contained in Ce que dit la bouche d’ombre, a super-limited edition CD-R containing two massive tracks of twisting and magmatic cascadian-styled black metal, that the band quietly self-released with little awareness or attention coming from the public at the time. What happened

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