August 29, 2014

Church Whip –
“Psychedelic Nightmare” Review

Feb 4, 2013 4 2  

When I’d heard that Merchandise’s vocalist was a part of a black metal / d-beat outfit my interest was immediately piqued. I’d seen Merchandise in a Bloomington, Indiana basement not ...

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Massed In Black Shadow
DEATHSTENCH Stream & Review!

Jan 31, 2013 0 6  

How many different ways can you describe Noise? There’s repetitive slow churning hum that sound chugged out of an old beat up IBM filled with bad acid, and then there’s nebulous ...

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Helen Money -
Arriving Angels

Jan 30, 2013 0 7  

Canadian label Profound Lore once again goes ahead to prove their reach in the world of musical accomplishment by releasing an entirely instrumental cello based full length by the artist ...

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Hessian / Pale Creation –
Split Review

Jan 30, 2013 1  

Although we didn’t hear that much new stuff from Hessian (besides tons of awesome shows) lately, the Belgians put out a Split with Pale Creation that manages to suck the last ...

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Species At War…
Rotten Sound EP Review

Jan 29, 2013 2  

Let’s get straight to the point here – Rotten Sound don’t fuck about. That’s been an obvious trait from Finland’s finest grindcore output for years, and one more than backed ...

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Inmundicia y decadencia – Hipoxia “Hipoxia” review

Jan 28, 2013 0 2  

“Hipoxia: a pathological condition in which the body as a whole (generalized hypoxia) or a region of the body (tissue hypoxia, or less commonly regional hypoxia) is deprived of adequate ...

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CVLT Nation Susses Out
Some Real Irish Culture

Jan 23, 2013 0 8  

I normally get to Dublin city a few times a year for a gig. This time it was all really decent local bands, so I decided now was another good ...

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Jan 23, 2013 0 11  

Vancouver based Baptists first came to our attention with a self-titled 7” in 2011, after having formed in 2010. The quartet soon hit the road and toured constantly whilst getting ...

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The Black Heart Rebellion:
Har Nevo – REVIEW

Jan 22, 2013 2 5  

The Black Heart Rebellion is a Belgian collective, and Har Nevo is their second full-length. After an impressive debut album, Monologue, which was received well by critics and was based ...

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Hangover Suicide… IRON WITCH Review

Jan 22, 2013 0 0  

I won’t spend any further words to describe IRON WITCH, since I already spread quite a range of posts about these Sludge-lovin’ Liverpudlians. Just as much: They still rule. Ok, ...

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