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If you’ve been into metal for at least the past three years, you’ve likely seen Deafheaven mentioned somewhere, flanked by praise, derision or both. This San Franciscan quintet comes with a warning of varying results, though those results vary depending on who’s listening. Their 2013 sophomore album, Sunbather, put a bright,

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The soundtrack to autumn should reflect the mood of the dropping temperature and growing darkness. Portland’s Soft Kill provides a fitting prelude to this season with their new album Heresy. They are not as steeped in Halloween as a “goth” band would be, but are a moody enough flavor of indie

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If you are one of those people who says “I never pay attention to the lyrics, I just listen to the music,” then Passive’s NØ 1 is going to be one of the best albums of the year that you never really listened to. This Vancouver band’s lyrics are just as

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Like it, love it or hate it, you can’t push play on the new Ævangelist full length and tell me your state of mind and overall experience of the world doesn’t instantly change. With a single piercing riff and the abrupt ringing out of a jangling, disharmonic harp, you’re drawn

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Lurking in the ghoulish swamps of Louisiana are the members of bestial metal quartet, Abysmal Lord. They dropped their Storms of Unholy Black Mass mini-album through Hell’s Headbangers last year, which I was fortunate to get the opportunity to introduce to Cvlt Nation fans. The guys are back with their

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When you run into a “stoner” metal band called Space Bong, you feel like you already know the entire plot without even opening the book, and that the same story is about to repeat itself again and again and again. So, how many endless legions of weed-worshiping doom metal bands

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