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This release caught my eye the moment I saw it in my inbox. Predatory Light and Vorde are two exciting black metal bands raising a hellstorm of black metal evolution. To say that they do things differently than any second wave worship bands doesn’t do their music justice. They are

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The nation of Italy – like many nations in recent years – has faced periods of uncertainty and unrest within its borders. With an already impressive and ever-expanding underground music scene, these turbulent times of doom and gloom have seen a natural propagation of extreme music that – although perhaps

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Italian duo Hadit will give you a blackened death metal habit. Courtesy of Caligari Records, the band has just issued their second release entitled Introspective Contemplation of the Microcosmus. Right now, the record is only available for sale in cassette tape form, but all four tracks that comprise their sophomore

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Oftentimes, a band’s album art is very telling of what kind of sound and attitude they are going to have. Anything with college font and photos of live crowds all wearing cargo shorts will more than likely be some straight edge, youth crew band that uses stage banter that is

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leucrota - demo
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As label Sentient Ruin puts it: LEUCROTA‘s debut Demo is “a smoldering twenty minutes of completely wretched, botched, cruel and self-mutilating hardcore punk with, crust, d-beat, sludge, noise rock and black metal striations”. The label also states that “Leucrota are the sound of teeth grinding, bones rattling and skin rippling in

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Blackened doom? What about the blastbeats? Frosty rung notes? What about the tremolo riffs? Guys, I may digress a whole lot and use these terms liberally – terms like blackened death metal, rung notes and whatnot, but words are my tools to describe how this music sounds like to me,

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