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by Oliver Sheppard Portland’s Arctic Flowers will have a digital release of their long-awaited second LP soon, with a proper vinyl release following some time in the Spring. In the meantime, the new “Weaver” LP is available here at CVLT Nation for streaming. After last year’s excellent “Procession” EP, an

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Thou, in a relatively short space of time, have become a sort of doom metal royalty. Perhaps it’s because they have been unnaturally prolific throughout the years, churning out a couple of full-lengths but bridging the gaps with several EPs and splits each time. Not only that but they’ve maintained

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The news that legendary bands Sunn O))) and Ulver had recorded music together was met with much delight and intrigue. What would it sound like? Who would it sound like? Would it be loud and disturbing or delicate and pretty? The answers are not as simple as the questions as

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Hailing from Belluno, an Alpine town embedded in the Dolomites of Northern Italy, come STORM{O}, a young and fucking annihilating hardcore band who’s debut album Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo In Un Attimo E Il Cerchio Sara’ Chiuso drops on 12″ Vinyl LP on Shove Records, Désordre Ordonné, Fallo Dischi, Dischi Bervisti,

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Criminal Code from Tacoma, Washington, play an anthemic, sneakingly melodic mixture of post-punk and post-hardcore. Formed in 2011, they’ve just released their debut LP No Device on Deranged Records, a welcome shot in the vein (or kick in the teeth) to an increasingly ethereal genre. No Device harkens back to

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Hail Spirit Noir Oi Magoi
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Less than two years ago, a bomb was dropped that decimated the world of avant-garde extreme metal. Greece’s Hail Spirit Noir debuted with Pneuma, a fusion unlike anything previously heard and a true gem in the current landscape of bedroom dwellers and post-everything noodlings. 70s prog and heavy psychedelia were

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In many ways, albums can be compared to journeys; travels beyond reality and time that are able to make you see beyond truth. Nebelung’s latest album is certainly one of these rare albums which, for its duration, forces you to leave your consciousness behind and set out to a sonic

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Coming from Ukraine, Kauan started off their career as a doom/folk hybrid. Today they have certainly evolved, reaching a whole other level of musicality with their latest full-length Pirut. Merging together the ambiance of doom metal, the melodic side of post metal, along with some folky passages and classical influences,

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Something is stirring in Germany. The land of poets and thinkers, that produced Beethoven, Bach, Wagner, Mozart and Wigrid, is maintaining its tradition of artistic innovation with two relative newcomers, Unru and Sun Worship, who are both pushing the boundaries of modern black metal. Here both bands offer a track

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Austria might be famous for quite a few things in this world – mountains, delicious food and a weird dialect for example – but Doom Metal is not exactly one. However IRON HEEL hailing from the country’s capital Vienna have all the darkened potential to change this, bringing misery and

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If your problem is happiness, or just a general feeling of contentedness with the world, then No Solution may in fact be the solution. In ten songs, eleven minutes and twelve inches, Jackals could turn fucking Mickey Mouse into Robert Smith (Faith/Pornography Robert Smith, not “Love Cats” Robert Smith). Affirmative,

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“From All Purity” marks the return of Chicago’s sludge monsters, Indian and this time they’re angrier than ever. Just like their predecessor “Guiltless”, “From All Purity” introduces us to a little more than a handful of tracks, in this case 6, but that are more than enough for the band

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