August 27, 2014

Epic Post-Punk/Anarcho-Goth
Dekoder’s “Flowers to Blossom” LP – Review and Streaming

Jun 30, 2014 0 5  

Dekoder’s second 12″ is a 6-song mid-tempo combo of old school gothic rock, anarcho-punk and plain old ’77 style punk, influenced by the more thoughtful side of the punk musical ...

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Green Elder – Ruis
Album Spotlight + Interview

Jun 28, 2014 1 1  

This is a side step to what I will be typically reviewing and covering, but seeing how Green Elder is a folk based project musically…they have members in Twilight Fauna ...

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Female Pedophile
The Brocks Review + Stream

Jun 27, 2014 0 1  

Attention grabbing, controversial album and artist titles are the nom de reguer of noise music. With musical extremity comes thematic and visual extremity. I had thought that shocking album titles had ...

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Swans – “To Be Kind” Review + Stream

Jun 27, 2014 2 2  

“The Taste for Nothingness Dull soul, to whom the battle once was sweet, Hope, who had spurred your ardour and your fame Will no more ride you! Lie down without ...

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Most Majestic Funeral Doom
Record You Will Hear Today!
PROFETUS – “As All Seasons Die” Review + Stream

Jun 26, 2014 3 0  

I feel like funeral doom is the bastard child of heavy metal. Free of the dynamic riffage of regular doom, the fun of stoner metal, and the raw, punk-inflected anger ...

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Blut Aus Nord / P.H.O.B.O.S. – Triunity Split Review

Jun 25, 2014 0 1  

In recent years, there hasn’t quite been any black metal band as consistently brilliant as France’s Blut Aus Nord, save maybe for their fellow countrymen and sonic brethren in Deathspell ...

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Creative Adult – Psychic Mess

Jun 21, 2014 8 0  

Creative Adult – Psychic Mess Run For Cover Records In this day and age, I feel like most bands skip out on the “album writing process” and try to piece ...

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Fragment King – ‘Angel Position’
Review + Stream

Jun 20, 2014 0 1  

Fragment King is a band I had little to no familiarity with going into this, and I honestly think that was a boon to my overall listening experience. With no ...

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Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestite

Jun 20, 2014 10 3  

When I heard that Wolves in The Throne Room were going to release a new full-length, I was thrilled. And this excitement only increased when it was mentioned that their ...

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Death Blues – “Non-Fiction” Review + Stream

Jun 18, 2014 0 2  

I think attempting to debate what Mueller has written on the newly-released Death Blues record will get me straight back to where I was with Chrome’s “Feel It Like A Scientist”, so ...

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