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While not a frequent listener of D-beat or crust, Kromosom have broken that trend and will undoubtedly frequent my listening devices from this point moving forward. This Melbourne outfit boasts a sound that reeks of the unclean purity that punk demands, fifteen tracks of the festering underbelly of society smothered

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Brisbane’s Idylls play fast and surprisingly gloomy metallic punk. “Indian Circle”  is a solid offering of four equally solid tracks, each a raging, visceral suckerpunch. Rooted in its metallic roots, Idylls bend their genre to their will, flip-flopping and otherwise morphing from outright aggression to a bad trip made physical. While this

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Death MetalDoomMusicReviews

Its been over 20 years in the making, but New Zealand death metal machines Sinistrous Diabolus have finally unleashed their full length debut upon the hapless ears of humankind. Formed with ties to infamous occult acts Witchrist and Diocletian, Sinistrous Diabolus pay homage to a soundscape invoked in 1993 that

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England’s CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR are about to unleash another slap of totally fucked up Grind/Sludge/Death Metal madness upon their willing disciples in the embodiment of a 7″ titled Whiskey Sierra. Just as the name professes I assume all of the material was created under the influence of quite some booze

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80s HardcoreHardcoreMusicReviewsThrash

Dallas crossover thrash titans Power Trip has been making a name for themselves since the release of their 2008 demo tape. The band has toured nonstop, recently completing a tour with Expire and Xibalba and making appearances at festivals such as The Rumble and New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

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Avant GardeMusicReviews

I’d been seeing Corrections House’s insignia all over the place lately, but had passed up every listening opportunity that came my way. So, when I gave this bad boy a try, I went into the experience totally blind. I knew this was the project of phenomenal musicians, who are definitely not

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Blackened CrustHardcoreReviews

This split comprises the best material either band has put forth thus far. Period. Two examples of monstrous, pristine blends of punk and metal wreak havoc on this split. Withdrawal roar under the Holy Terror banner, spewing their thrash-laden hardcore with chilling malcontent. Charlotte’s Young and in the Way succeed

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Avant GardeBlack MetalMusicReviews

Last year I was approached by a mysterious gent going by the name of NoOne – he’d seen a piece that was published for ThisIsNotAScene regarding a reissue of an album called Uncovered Ancient Gateways and he was interested in having it published on CVLT Nation. I of course obliged

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Steve Von Till-As The Crow Flies-main
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Over two years ago, I was listening to Harvestman, another persona of Steve von Till. The phone rang and my sister, who I don’t see much, told me my father had been given six months to live, he had gotten pancreatic cancer. I put down the phone and my whole

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12 Jacket (5mm Spine) [GD30OBH5]
HardcorePower ViolenceReviewsSludge

“Rudiments of Mutilation,” the second full-length by sound warriors Full of Hell, is as threatening as music gets. Following the face-bending “Roots of Earth are Consuming my Home” and a smattering of fantastic splits, “Rudiments” represents the band’s style in full, unapologetic form. The sludge oozes with caustic immediacy. The

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It seems Dark Descent have once again done well by unleashing Lantern’s newest effort upon the metal landscape, sprouting another frigid root into the festering soil of death metal to petrify and rot whoever enters its reach. My introduction to Lantern was through their Subterranean Effulgence EP, and while it

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Look at the artwork that adorns this split release. It’s a forest or hillside that, at any other time would, have been a picturesque scene but here it is now, engulfed in a sea of flames, a conflagration that is burning this once serene area of nature to the ground,

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