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Between L.O.T.I.O.N.’s Legacy of Terror In Occupied Nations demo and their now infamous live show, it has been hard to tell what to expect from Digital Control And Man’s Obsolescence. These current New York inhabitants have made quite a name for themselves, making quite a bit of noise mixing both reverberations and

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Chapter II: The Ritualist is Shaidar Logoth’s second release. They’re from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a state with as much frozen tundra as nearby Wisconsin. Like the title of the band’s album closer, “Realm Befitting His Majesty,” this is black metal befitting a wandering soul in search of an illustrious treasure. Said

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As a grey mist descends upon the grime-encrusted banks of the Thames, a lonely church bell tolls amongst the myriad alleyways of historical London; five figures appear out of the gloom and close in with nefarious intent. A lonesome figure waits within, silhouetted against the dim infernal light, his hands

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Where once black metal only slunk around in the underground as a filthy beast, in the past decade it has become the darling of extreme metal. Countless bands forging new territory into the mists of the unholy have seen success and created many daring masterpieces, some blending black metal’s traditional

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It is quite difficult to pinpoint Chelsea Wolfe’s music. Throughout her career, the sonic palette that she uses has been extraordinarily extensive. Examples of her unique perspective on music are evident in her numerous other works and collaborations, which span from destructive traditional black metal, with the sickening cover of “Spell of Destruction,”

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Bands that work within a concept for an album or song walk a fine line. In whatever genre that the project caters to, they always have to keep the source material at hand and be true to it. For the sake of brevity, I’m going to refrain from rattling off

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