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Some bands are simply underrated, under-appreciated, or just unknown, and Toronto’s Chlorine falls into all three of of those categories.  Chlorine plays fast and raw hardcore and punk music that is similar to popular American bands like Hoax, Prisoner Abuse, Gag and Nazi Dust.  In just five songs, Chlorine accomplishes

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If you ask anyone who claims to subscribe to a punk attitude/code of ethics what makes a band authentic, they will probably give you a vast array of attributes that range from something as simple as being tight musically to something as complex as being opposed to specific political systems

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Fronted by Kristina Esfandiari (previously of Whirr) this doom metal project was founded back in 2009, but remained fairly inactive since 2013. The band released the Degrida/Sick Bed cassette at that time and followed it up with the Dove/Fond Affections in 2014. Strictly speaking, the band is found within the

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Tenebrous Towers helped put Desolate Shrine on the map, the band getting signed by underground force five tornado of underground labels Dark Descent Records for its next two releases. This is no coincidence, no oversight of Dark Descent Records boss Matt Calvert, as Desolate Shrine continue to be a reliable

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Oh, shackle the devil already! What is this refined black metal art doing toiling in the bowels of obscurity? Fallen Empire Records proudly presents us this band with the letter from God-knows-what alphabet. No, really f*ckers, if you want refined, textured, intelligent black metal art, start here on Mispyrming’s Söngvar

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Anytime you hear the cymbal crashes more than the tremolo riffs, you know you’re headed Al Necro’s way. I had to listen to this Intolerant album on headset because I couldn’t hear the jizz that was coming out of my speakers. I’ll come out and say that this album got a

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