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The duo Oake rambles through the widely ramified, dimmed catacombs of the Industrial past and the Techno present of their place of residence, Berlin. Precise pulses drive the tracks through hazy drones, swirling clouds of noise and ominous moans. Their debut release “Offenbarung” is an obscure melodrama, wrapped in Modern

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If ever there was a contender for annual best, “Sunbather,” the second full-length by Deafheaven, would be the prime candidate. Prior effort, “Roads to Judah,” turned heads and broke hearts, effects imparted by a soulful live presence and thorough touring. In the process, Deafheaven’s work acquired the unfortunate ire of

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Switzerland’s two piece Bölzer have been sharpening their ruinous war tools to a much finer edge since their debut. Engraved with the art of Alexander L. Brown, fellow Witchrist warrior, their latest tincture Aura materializes as unique among it’s ilk and impressive in it’s own right: a dark and entrancing

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Vancouver-based Anciients have been on the sidelines of the extreme progressive heavy metal scene for a number of years, having formed in 2010. They released an EP, Snakebeard (great title), in 2011 and this year finally saw their ideas poured into full-length debut Heart of Oak (via Season of Mist).

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Bleak and distant. Two words that more than aptly describe Bible Thumper’s unholy half of their split with Thetan. This New Brunswick, NJ outfit churn out a rough, creature-like bit of D-beat evil. The sound materializes into a claustrophobic chamber wreathed in faraway anguish. Wrath permeates these three tracks, rubbing

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Canadian duo Gevurah deal in the kind of filthy, dark and dank death metal that the likes of Mitochondrion, Grave Miasma and Cruciamentum have pushed for in recent times. Both deeply unholy and gloriously dirty, Necheshirion is the band’s debut EP and it follows a demo so well received that

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SMOHALLA and OMEGA CENTAURI are two bands playing their very own style of avantgardistic Black Metal that has the ability to subvert one’s listening habits very easily. To get the impression, check out the exclusive stream here on CVLT Nation. SMOHALLA is a project from France, a country that had

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One of the big surprises of this year is certainly the self titled debut album by Lychgate, a “super group” formed by the most amazing of lineups: Greg Chandler (Esoteric), Aran (Lunar Aurora, Trist), Tom Vallely (Omega Centauri) and Vortigern (The One, Archaicus). With such amazing and skilled musicians behind

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Oxtongue might not be familiar to a lot of my fellow doom-heads, but from here on out they should be. Combining subtle atmospherics with the oft-imitated dirge rumble of Holy Mountain-era Sleep and a crushing, misanthropic fuzz wall is what these Canadian cats are all about. And it works damn

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Irish scourge ZOM present us two cosmological atrocities on a wicked 7” EP that lights the altar of Blasphemy, Morbid Angel, and Slayer aflame in it’s worship. While these tracks did appear on their 2012 “Hells Pleasure” demo I unfortunately did not get a hold of that so these are

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Technology is such now, for better or for worse, that the world both physical and virtual is practically overrun with one man bands, in all genres. While this comes with certain disadvantages (who the fuck wants to watch one man and his laptop/mixing desk play “live”?), one of the fantastic

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Label:MusicFearSatan Are you ready to re-enter a psychedelic state of mind? The split record between Huata and Bitcho will be the perfect companion for your trip to places where gravity has no place and time has no meaning. Three songs from the two bands are paying homage to the psychedelic

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