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First and foremost, let me be very clear: this split LP does not fuck around. At 21 minutes, Nashville’s Bleed the Pigs and Thetan waste no time. Bleed the Pig’s side kicks things off with a radioactive dose of harsh noise evocative of screamer Kayla Phillips’ noise project Pulsatile Tinnitus,

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Crowhurst is the very portrait of an underground band on the verge of exploding to the forefront of extreme metal. Initially dabbling in harsh noise and minimalistic, blackened soundscapes (as described by frontman Jay Gambit, the band was initially more of a collaborative noise project that occasionally released solo records),

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Noothgrush is the best Sludge Band in America. They have been crushing eardrums for over 2 decades. The story of the formation and the progression of Noothgrush is miserably wonderful after all. Tom Choi was one of the first members to be involved in the band, at the same time

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Oh my Satan! Who can be more necro than Necro-fuckin-wretch? Al Necro digs Necrowretch. Call me a necrowretch right now, fuckers! Whatever the hell that is! What about a monkey wrench? I sure need one. I got my screws loose after headbangin to Necrowretch’s latest, With Serpents Scourge. Get this

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Gotta tell ya: Al Necro wasn’t a huge fan of modern death metal when it exploded in the early years of the new millennium, but can appreciate some noteworthy technical death metal bands that released albums during that time. I much prefer the roots of technical death metal in the

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Halshug, hailing from Copenhagen, play their D-beat straightforward, traditionally and proudly. Their debut full-length, Blodets Bånd, sits somewhere between the territories carved out by Discharge and Hoax, respectively, with their fuzzed out energy cutting its way throughout the collection’s eight tracks. Apt, considering their moniker means “to decapitate.” Their D-beat

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