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How much chaos can you fit in eight and a half minutes? Well, according to Obliterations’s debut EP, a fair fucking bit. The four songs found here are anthems of mayhem and disorder, wrapped in an inexplicable amount of anger and raw energy. The clue is that even though the

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Kansas City, Missouri’s Sucked Dry delivers to us, the unprepared listeners, a feral lesson in noisy hardcore punk. Rife with spitting attitude, Dog Children boasts fifteen tracks that seeks to rend and tear asunder. Possessed by an energy reverent of early Converge, Sucked Dry paints a mucky, mesmerizing picture. Instant

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Who is Crown of Cerberus? There’s little to say about the man known merely as M. Chami, the helmsman and architect behind this ambient/noise project, though you could probably decipher more information from his work with power electronics acts like Disgust and Koufar and thus patch together something of a

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White Hills is at it again with, So You Are… So You’ll Be. If ya haven’t heard, August 2013 marks the Thrill Jockey release of the space rock shredfest that is White Hill’s 7th full-length album. I’ve been listening to these 9 White Hills tracks unceasingly over these past few days, and

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Imagine, if you will, a deep hole that goes on for miles, with no end in sight. Imagine you are at the bottom of this hole, with no light to guide you, and the only way out is upward. This idea of complete nothingness, the blackness that suffocates is the

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If a band named HERDER is promoted with the term „Herder is harder“ it better delivers the goods. I mean, there are tons of bands who’d be weaker than HERDER, if that sentence speaks the truth. Tons of really, really hard bands. But restraint certainly never was a prime feature

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This is desolation. This is ruin. This is death and decay. This is Shadow of the Torturer whose molesting death/doom dirges are simply devastating while also vast in their scope. Grief and sorrow run rampant through these vile slabs of sonic decay and anguish, a palpable sense of hopelessness dripping

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Hello there Arizona! Sunny, warm… and it appears, really fucking pissed too! From the sunny and usually less musically roudy Grand Canyon State hail infact an extremely crusty, violent, confrontational and wacked out hardcore punk band with a super cool name, Windmill of Corpses! These young lads from Northern Arizona

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Power violence can be a bit repetitive. This sub-strain of hardcore tends to wear on the listener, bludgeoning them with its high speed and intensity until they succumb to its velocity. This is not the case with Cheap Art’s Desocialized, and it is in fact the complete opposite of what the

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Vost is a solo ambient/drone project of a composer based in Portland, Oregon. No drums or vocals, just slow minimalist sounds. Some of which sound like a howling wind passing through heavy old machinery. Other parts have languid but steadily skulking bass which give them a haunting, dreamlike quality. With

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Label: Yersinia Pestis Since 2008, Torture Chain has been releasing small snippets of genius masquerading as demos while simultaneously hiding behind an impenetrable veil of secrecy, letting their music stand alone to speak for itself. Every year since their induction, the band’s material has sold out and been long sought after by

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Every cloud has a silver lining. While we all wait patiently for a new Cobalt record, we find ourselves becoming reacquainted with the sorrowful folk band, Man’s Gin, with their second album Rebellion Hymns who include Cobalt’s Erik Wunder in their ranks. Meshing dark folk, country and the twang of

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