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Atmospheric. Oxygenated. Watery. Elemental. Monumental. Laden with glitched out synths, humming feedback, and prime placement of simple instrument work through the labyrinth of panned-out chaos and shattering vocals; meet the album Corporeal by Cavernlight. Cavernlight is a four piece band sailing straight out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They’re a beast of

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The Montreal scene is very well established at the present moment. With the triumphant return of Godspeed You! Black Emperor back in 2010 and the constant presence of Thee Silver Mt. Zion, along with Constellation records and the Hotel2Tango recording studio, the scene seems to be vibrant and on a

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When one submerges themselves in as much darkness as black metal/noise maven Mories tends to, it is only natural to need a break every now and then. The need to come up from the murky depths and bask in the sunlight now and again is only human, and despite the

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Nightfell’s latest, Darkness Evermore, is an aural tapestry of isolation and nihilism. From the opening of the album to its close, the band displays a refreshingly wide range of attack. Consisting of Tim Call of Aldebaran on drums and vocals, and Todd Burdette of Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone

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Welcome to where the stars fall out of the night sky, and to where cold winds forever blow. Welcome to a place of solitude and retreat, where the silence and vastness of the world immerses you into a strange state of peace, loss and fear all at the same time. Ragana

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There are certain things that will never go out of style in the realm of stoner metal — good riffs, guitar and bass tones that find the perfect balance between presence and attack, and fat-as-fuck drumming — and Spelljammer is keenly aware of this. Ancient Of Days, the Swedish trio’s

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