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Peep this filth: Grey Widow / Sons of Tonatiuh have teamed up for a this EXTREMELY NASTY split. So what are you going to experience on this ride into feedback HELL! Two Grey Widow songs that with damage your ear drums for sure, one of them being a Leechmilk cover.

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OK, I know I just posted a THOU full set, but here is another one at one my favorite rooms in the world, Abc No Rio. This is a must-see because you can actually feel the energy jump out of the screen. THOU opens with a Nirvana cover and destroys

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Bands that work within a concept for an album or song walk a fine line. In whatever genre that the project caters to, they always have to keep the source material at hand and be true to it. For the sake of brevity, I’m going to refrain from rattling off

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The voyage into oblivion continues, inexroably shrouded in a mist of torment. Funerary‘s journey into their own personal wasteland of aural misery continues, dragging everything with them. Today the Arizona doom devastators present us with their newest craft, sewn up in a heathen symbiosis with the fat, slimy and suffocating tentacles of

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HELL YEAH, I remember when I first heard SOILENT GREEN, I said to myself, unholy fuck, what is this, this band fucking RULES! I still say that today, and this is why we want you to check out this filthy SOILENT GREEN 1999 performance of them kicking ass at the now

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The wicked seem to get no sympathy, but Ommadon do dare to show some empathy towards them. Taking their name after a villain in the animated film The Flight of Dragons, the drone/doom band from Glasgow, Scotland, has been particularly active through the years. A couple of demos, three full-lengths

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Photos by Nathaniel Shannon Hey Steve, thanks so much for taking the time to do this. First off, you recently just returned from touring with Lazer/Wulf. How was that? Steve: I am blown away by the amazing musicianship that Lazer/Wulf possesses. The tour was a blast and it was great

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Keijo Niinimaa of Rotten Sound decided to step a bit further out of the grindcore territory with the formation of Morbid Evils. Encompassing the dirt of sludge, the weight of doom and the spirit of old school death metal, the debut album from this band, In Hate With The Burning World,

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When FUNERARY self-released their debut album, Starless Aeon, last year, we were immediately stoked on it’s heaviness and blown away by its sheer tonnage. Starless Aeon was quietly self-released by the band as a free download in the summer of 2014 and released shortly after by the Midnite Collective on a small run of 50 tapes

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Litany is the second full-length from Dallas’ Dead to a Dying World, who continue to blend together their diverse influences into a unique hybrid sound. Blackened crust walks side by side with post rock, and topping it all is the towering doom/sludge-induced weight that they awaken. Their self-titled album was a great

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Sacral Regicide, the debut offering from black metal titans Eigenlicht, was released early this May and praised by CVLT Nation shortly after. According to their Encyclopaedia Metallum page, they’ve only been a band since last year, but have lent their presence to some pretty notable live bills since and are

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GODHUNTER and DESTROYER OF LIGHT have an epic 2LP split coming out at the end of this month entitled Endsville, and today we’re stoked to be bringing you the absolutely brutal video Frank Huang aka Pitfullofshit made for Godhunter’s track “Cassandra Complex”! This video is a collection of sickening acts

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