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This Greek instrumental duo came into existence back in 2012, and even though their moment of inception does not seem to be that far away in the past, these guys are veterans of the scene. Their résumé includes acts such as Violet Vortex, Noiselust and Tenderness of Wolves, while their

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Listening back to Fórn’s debut, self-titled EP, it was pleasantly surprising to see a band that could encompass so well all the different aspects of doom metal. The dirt and weight of sludge, the old-school doom mentality, the funeral pace at parts and even a blackened aura hovering over their

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Photos/Video: Lewis Royden Lewis Royden Interviews Chris Alliston On the 9th October of this year, legendary head banging veterans The Melvins arrived in Manchester UK to lay siege to the North on their European tour. Illustrator Chris Alliston was set the task of creating the poster for the event and

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Photo: Josh Ford

Had the preceding nights of Southwest Terror Fest not been so momentous, one could easily have mistaken the third night for the main event. Housed in the spacious Rialto Theater, the sight of last year’s Neurosis and Sunn O))) sets, day three would be the site of Sleep’s house-stealing performance.

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Relapse Records is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary in the game and show no signs of slowing down! Honestly, I think they are getting even heavier with the most recent signings: Graves At Sea, Ilsa and Seven Sisters of Sleep. Today, the label released their 2015 sampler that has 36 of their

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sapce bong - deadwood to worms

When you run into a “stoner” metal band called Space Bong, you feel like you already know the entire plot without even opening the book, and that the same story is about to repeat itself again and again and again. So, how many endless legions of weed-worshiping doom metal bands

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