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CVLT Nation is stoked to have a full stream of the debut EP from Vancouver’s SKULL VULTURES live today! These two tracks, “Reclaim” and “Only Darkness,” will cause major vertebrae crackage as your head uncontrollably whips back and forth at the sound of their epic riffage! Skull Vultures are opening

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Thrash Metal is far from its peak of popularity these days. It looks like it’s fallen out fashion in favor of various other forms of hardcore, black metal, speed metal, punk and death metal. But after all, think about it, who is making quality old school thrash these days aside

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1984 was the year that hardcore punk & speed metal became first cousins. Metal heads wanted to be punks and punks wanted to be metal heads. A perfect example of this was that at the last CRUCIFIX show in San Francisco members of Metallica were right their with all of

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HEAVY Motherfucking METAL is what you are going to get when you blast the new SPELL record The Full Moon Sessions that hits the streets on April 19th via Hard and Heavy Records. This band kick out those jams that make you want to put the medal to the pedal

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KREEG is in total attack mode, or should I say that GHOUL are in total attack mode with their new single of the same name. This hooded bunch of putrid sonic hooligans are about to release a new EP entitled Hang Ten via Tankcrimes Records on April 19th. GHOUL are

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Axeslasher were born out of an unsettling love for 80s slasher flicks and its associated gore, the deep and dark nature of human morality and the desire to touch on the less than angelic side of life. The trio formed in late 2011 and for the most part, the band

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A day in the life of an underground metal band, just trying to get some people out to your show…this is the setting for the new Buzzherd video for their song “The Maloik” of off their new album On Sinking Ships…Rats Drown out now on Dullest Records. Help a brother

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CVLT Nation has massive respect for Profane Existence, so when we got the opportunity to stream the new EP Primal from WAR//PLAGUE – PE’s Band of the Year for 2013 – we jumped on it! Below stream three pummeling tracks from these punk warriors and pick up the WAR//PLAGUE Mega//Pack

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Text & Photos By Jeremy James The night air was cool, the parking lot was filling up and the merch booth was overrun. On this night, November 15th, 2013, the Legends of Thrash tour brought the co-headlining titans Overkill & Kreator to Anaheim, California. Southern California’s own local band, Warbringer,

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Portal – Vexovoid It took me a fair few listens of this album to get even the slightest understanding of anything that was going on, but now it probably rates as one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Inaccessible is a gross understatement. Portal play impenetrable, brutal, fucking crazy

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So here’s the deal: bored as fuck sitting at home, a few weeks ago I decided to get off my ass to go to a gritty bar in deep West Oakland to check out a young and very talented local black metal called Xenotaph, who ruled by the way. Xenotaph

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 For “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott (August 20, 1966 – December 8, 2004) Steve Collins was my primary school’s resident expert on all things parentally unapproved: punk rock, horror movies, Stephen King and Sid Vicious. The introductions he made for me in the sixth grade alone would have been enough of a

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