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Humans who appreciates some Soaring Mystic Occult Doom  are  going to straight  fiend for the new release from The Sabbathian. Svart Records will be unleashing their debut LP Latum Alterum on 25 January 2019, and today we’re stoked to be sharing The Brightest Light below. Pre-order Latum Alterum right here,

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Growing up in L.A. hearing the ghetto bird – aka a police helicopter – is normal. If you are a person of color, especially a Brown or Black person, even if your family makes it out of the hood you will still have family members that do not. South Central,

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Right before soundcheck, it didn’t seem like anything special for a rock show. In a small club on the outskirts of Detroit, a dozen or so requisite black hoodies strolled around, plugging in various cords and tuning assorted guitars. I did not realize that in just a few hours, this

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A Searing Punch to the Gut: Obliteration’s Cenotaph Obscure It comes in on a rumbling rattle of drums, hellish guitars bringing discord, slowly marching the listener into the caustic doom that is waiting. Within a minute we are bathed, fully immersed into this journey to the darkest depths of psychotic

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Today CVLT Nation is proud to bring you the full stream of “Separazione”, the brand new full length offering by Italian black metal/crust-core unit OTHISMOS. Self-released by the band on December 7th, 2018, “Separazione” is a blistering and nerve-wrecking assault on the senses that unifies everything we’ve ever loved – past and present

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Every Mutant who Love some Next Level Post Punk // Death Rock is going to fiend for the new release from DETH CRUX. Sentient Ruin Laboratories (US-LP/tape), Agipunk/Legion of the Damned ( EU LP ), Aural Music – ( CD ) will be unleashing their debut LP Mutant Flesh on Dec. 7th,

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