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What do you know about BLEACH BIRTH? Let me tell you that this band rules and they are able to worship Rudimentary Peni Death Church-era like no other! Don’t get it twisted – they are far from any sort of cover band; actually, I feel like they are one of the

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Cold beats color-washed is what you are going to get when you watch the new Child of Night video for “Against The Wall.” This band creates awesome coldwave with a message. Read below what they said inspired this song and stay tuned for their remix project! The song itself is about murdered

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Ho99o9 Ho99o9 Ho99o9 Ho99o9 are back with an incendiary EP called Cyber Cop. They have created one of the hardest releases of the year – again! No other group right now goes where this unit does sonically! If Ho99o9 ever comes to your city, make sure that you go check them

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Anyone who appreciates some blood-drenched, putrid Death Metal is going to go apeshit for the new release from Ravenous Death. Memento Mori will be unleashing their new CD Chapters of an Evil Transition on January 21st, and today we’re beyond stoked to be sharing “Evil Dementia (The Voices of the Nobodies).” Right

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Are you fucking ready to have your brain dragged through the sewer of Doom & Disgust for over 20 minutes? Hipoxia has created a record that will have fans of heavy fiending in despair. Darkwoods will be unleashing their new LP The Way of the Hermit on Dec. 11th, and

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Birds do it, bees do it, even our great-great-grandparents did it! The “it” I’m talking about is good sex captured on film. I know we live in the age of porn, where these images are just a keyboard or smart phone away, but way back in the day you could

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