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Hardcore and Krishna have had a long time history going all the way back to the early NYHC scene. Fast forward to 2018 and Luis Aponte of Jesus Piece is waving his Krishna flag high. Check out this really cool mini doc that he took part in that was created

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In recent years, the oversized island-continent in the South Pacific has been cranking out some pretty dope post-punk. Something about the vast desert or maybe the abundance of poisonous animals creates some valuable minerals to mint our record collections out of. Bloodletter is no exception, if anything rarer than what

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Pinched from Dazed Digital Magazines have long been vehicles for the sexual revolution. From 1970s feminists who turned to titles like Spare Rib to reclaim their sexuality by publishing stories of female masturbation and the enigmatic female orgasm for the first time, to the fetishists who immortalised the PVC laced, sweat oozing reality of the global fetish world in print epics

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Anyone who appreciates some in your face hardcore is going to fiend for the new release from Faim. Convulse Records has released their new 7 inch which is out now, and today we’re stoked to be sharing this kick ass record in full below. Pre-order their sick 7 inch right

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Italian funeral sludge misanthropes FORDOMTH prepare the release of their debut album  I.N.D.N.S.L.E. – In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi to be released on 10 November 2018 through Endless Winter Records, and today we’re stoked to stream the mortiferous beast in its full cataclysmic glory. Fans of Ahab, Evoken, Nortt, Catacombs, Longing for Dawn,

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SOUL GRIP is a young Belgian band that can’t be fucked with on many different levels. Consouling Sounds will be unleashing their new LP Not Ever on Nov. 2nd, and today we’re honored to be sharing this new record in full below. Pre-order Not Ever right here, and right now you can

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