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Dark Descent Records’ & Me Saco Un Ojo Records‘ latest import from Helsinki, Finland, is Swallowed, who are no strangers to underground death/doom fans that can’t get enough from Dark Descent Records’ brand of aural filth. Swallowed have released two quality demos as well as a self-titled EP that can be streamed

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Resting on my shelf for some 10 years now still is my copy of Blut Aus Nord‘s majestic sophomore effort Memoria Vetusta I: Fathers of the Icy Age; an album that would forever change the course and trajectory of my listening habits with its cold atmospheres, soul-stirring riffs, synth and

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Right now I’m swimming in an ocean of drug fuzz! Actually, I’m blasting the new MOSS song “Spectral Visions” from their soon to be released 10 inch record. What you are going to get is 20 minutes of heavy, haunting doom from riff warriors MOSS. Every time I hear I

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 One of my favorite bands of all time is Black Sabbath, & in my book they were one of the sickest bands ever to do this thing called Heavy Metal. I’m pretty sure at the peak of their career they didn’t realize that years later their sound would become a

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 The other day, I did a quick post about Dr. Walter Freeman’s before and after photos of his “successful” lobotomist patients, and one of our readers shared a link to PBS’ episode of American Experience called “The Lobotomist”. It details the career of Dr. Freeman, his research and practice, and

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Text: J.J. Anselmi Banner image: Christine Shields The Portland duo Muscle and Marrow mix haunting ether with escarpments of heaviness. Formed in 2013, they’ve already released a masterful LP, aptly titled The Human Cry, which is out on Belief Mower records. I was fortunate enough to see them in Fresno, California on

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