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SWANS Prague Photo Essay

Andrea Petrovicova’s photography amazes me – I just can’t get enough of her style, because each photo is its own piece of art. Check out her pictures of the SWANS from their most recent show in Prague that was promoted by Scrape Sound.

Swans, Colours of Ostrava, 17. 7. 2015, Ostrava, Czech republic

01 swans 02 swans 03 swans 04 swans 05 swans 06 swans 07 swans 08 swans 09 swans 10 swans 11 swans 12 swans 13 swans 14 swans 15 swans

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

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  • Alina check it out.

    • I appreciate concert photography and motion effects, but I don’t consider this as my cup of tea 🙂 I just like different style. But still any work deserves respect, imo.