Walking Dead…
The Chimbu Tribe of Papua New Guinea

It’s difficult to find any in-depth information about the Chimbu tribe from Papua New Guinea, a tribe that paints their entire bodies in the semblance of a skeleton. They are from the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, the Simbu or Chimbu region, and apparently their extensive and beautiful body paint originated as a way to intimidate their enemies, and I can imagine that watching a mass of tribal zombies coming to get you would be intimidating. The makeup varies from person to person, with each putting his or her personal touch on their walking dead alter-ego. Although information about them is limited, the pictures below speak more than 1000 words about the Chimbu people. Check out a collection of stunning photos of the Skeleton People of Papua New Guinea…

Banner & Photo: Brent Stirton

Photos via Eric Lafforgue, Brent Stirton and Rita Willaert















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  • Nathalia

    it is difficult to find any in-depth information? excuse me, but apart from merely copying and pasting available pictures from the net, you seem to also carelessly make efforts to sincerely research the various ethnological studies that have been made by experienced ethnologist. It seems to be that these pictures are just a colourful means to an end for your somewhat dilettantishly held website.

    • I looked for a long time for in-depth information, but being a pregnant mom working full time, I didn’t have time to go to the library. If you have information you could share, please do, it’s more than welcome.

    • GraveConcern

      Oh, I have an idea; if you don’t like the site or articles….don’t read them. Or better yet, maybe post the research on your own website?

    • sandroiderson

      I would say that this piece is more or less to inspire you to lean more
      about it on your own. Having the information in front of you is nice but
      having seen these pictures I am interested in learning more about them
      on my own. Keep your snooty comments to yourself.

    • diaperslut

      Hahaha. This website is great. If you don’t like it, you should find one that you enjoy, and stick to that side of the internet.