Code Orange Kids’ Love is Love // Return to Dust

What we have here is easily one of the best debuts ever put forth by any band and from this point forward expect nothing but the required praise.

Pittsburgh’s Code Orange Kids have a deeply organic approach to their music that has allowed them to carve their sound while complimenting their forebears and peers. The musicianship is consistent in that it never fails to surprise, doing so without confusion.

“Love is Love//Return to Dust” packs a paralyzing throat punch. The furious, contemplative hardcore contained within is perfected by a lyrical euphoria. The aforementioned fury is not over the top but balanced, restrained and only allowed freedom in measured doses. Flailing time signatures switch to abrupt pit churners with fluid grace. This is “Petitioning the Empty Sky” era Converge reborn: dirty, eminently listenable, emotionally uplifting and disturbing.

This quintet comes to the table with banquet and dessert prepared, hot and ready. Code Orange Kids’ recent EP, “Cycles,” was satisfying but left something to be desired. I consider that desire gluttonously fulfilled. “Love is Love//Return to Dust” is near perfection, not flawless, but damn close. Any flaws are able to be shrugged off in the face of the record’s sheer musicianship.

“Love is Love//Return to Dust” is a poignant work of art. Words of regret twist and curl with frenetic strings. Screams of mental agony hammer down with each drum strike. Atmospheric walls of pure rage collide with gusts of utter sorrow. All coalesce into a single sentience that laughs, exactingly, at the benign indifference of living, taking memories and futures in hand in a booming sigh of exhausted acceptance.

This piece works on so many levels, it is one 2012’s most visceral releases. This is one of those release you’ll be kicking yourself over for not having taken the time to listen to it earlier.

“Love is Love//Return to Dust” and other Code Orange Kids merch can be purchased here. The video for opening track “Flowermouth” can be viewed below.

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