Heaven Was Full…Cold Cave
Photo Essay and Review

Text and Photos: Saul Torres

Cold Cave’s tour is almost over, and I’m glad they played here, because I missed them last year for some reason I don’t remember. Douglas J. McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb opened the show. At the beginning it was alright, but the second half of his set list was incredible. I think he was saving the best songs for the last part.

Wesley Eisold’s performance was deeply dark, and interesting on how the stage was just illuminated by a soft series of images and black and white videos. He reminded me Curtis, mixed with Morrisey, and a touch of the Nick Cave’s poetry. Dancing alone in the stage while the music was played by a beautiful girl, Wesley’s voice was getting deeper and deeper into the crowd, turning them on, and making them move in the darkness of the venue. I really love when they don’t turn the lights on when bands are playing at this venue. This time, the crowd was better than past shows, actually I was not expecting too much fun that night, but it was a great night. After a 50 minute set list, the show was over, and Wesley was already chilling with the people at the venue.

Cold Cave 12

Cold Cave’s set list:
-Burning Sage
-God Made the World
-Hello Rats
-Youth and Lust
-A Little Death to Laugh
-Black Boots
-Love Comes Close
-Heaven Was Full
-I’ve Seen the Future and It’s No Place for Me
-Oceans With No End
-Icons of Summer
-Underworld USA

Douglas J. McCarthy 1

Douglas J. McCarthy 2

Douglas J. McCarthy 3

Douglas J. McCarthy 4

Douglas J. McCarthy 5

Douglas J. McCarthy 6

Cold Cave 1

Cold Cave 2

Cold Cave 3

Cold Cave 4

Cold Cave 5

Cold Cave 6

Cold Cave 7

Cold Cave 8

Cold Cave 9

Cold Cave 10

Cold Cave 11

Cold Cave 12

Cold Cave 13

Cold Cave 14

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