<em>Cone, Sphere, Cube</em> by Matt Kerley<br/>A Review<br/> by August 28, 2012 3 comments

Text and Photos by Holy Mountain

Matt Kerley is tattoo / fine artist hailing from Greenville, North Carolina. He is most well known for his tattoos, a craft he has been honing for the last 7 years, however the release of his first book “Cone, Sphere, Cube” should broaden the scope of what people expect from him. Clocking in at 100 pages, Matt channels his own blend of traditional tattoo style and illustration by way of Raymond Pettibon and Robert Williams creating strange and thoroughly interesting characters and illustrations. The pages contain notes, song lyrics and anecdotes giving a glimpse into Matt’s mindset while working on each piece. What originally started as a daily sketchbook of brush, pen and ink drawings has been transformed into a beautiful, professionally bound book collecting a daring new chapter in Matt’s life as an artist. Highly recommended!

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3 years 4 months ago

the link doesnt seem to work. but the book can be ordered through http://www.mattkerley.com

3 years 5 months ago


3 years 5 months ago

Oh hell yeah! Ordered this bad boy, can not wait to get my hands on it. Well worth the money, stoked.