Creatures of Hades<br/>Polycephaly<br/> by October 23, 2012 1 comment

For millennia, humans have told each other about beasts with many heads, ones that roam the world with a ravenous hunger for flesh and pillage. These mythical figures may terrorize humankind’s imagination, but polycephaly is a strange and wonderful thing. Two creatures are born into one, two minds functioning side by side. Many do not survive – the world is a ruthless place for two-headed beasts. Their short time on earth is characterized by violence and confusion, and in the end they are stuffed and mounted, pickled in brine, and set on a shelf for the monocephalic masses to ponder. Below find the reality behind the myths…

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3 years 6 months ago

That second one looks Photoshoped. The heads are the same image. The third one too, the heads both look normal but look like they are placed on top of eachother. this one also. If you look you can see the second head has no neck, and human eyes. Presumably In order to make it look like different eyes, because the rest of the head is the exactly the same, just flipped.