CRUSADES from Ottawa (CAN) are so unbelievably cvlt, I’d rather call em CRVSADES. In their case, the phrase “catchy as hell” fits like a glove, as they are musically melodic and really serious about their anti-religious rants. CRUSADES play super catchy, melodic Hardcore-Punk, not unlike such classics like the Adolescents, The Zero Boys, early Bad Religion, the Misfits or newer bands like No Hope For The Kids. You see, I set the sights quite high, and justifiably so. Listen to all the record’s songs here:

Full review of CRUSADES‘ amazing full length The sun is down and the night is riding in after the jump!

So besides being incredible melodic, CRUSADES have a very serious, you might even call it sinister, undertone in their songs. To a great extend the lyrics deal with human’s deadliest infection: religion. But in contrast to the common, rather simple dispute about Christianity in Punk (or Metal), CRUSADES offer really clever songs about it, being sarcastic and contentious, showing options and arguments to maintain an atheist mind in fanatic, backward turning times like these. 

These two elements, the melodic music and the smart lyrics, define CRUSADES‘ songs for the biggest part. The guitars throughout the whole record are really awesome, some acoustic intros, gnarly solos and even a few “twin guitar” leads add up to the intense, dark athmosphere of The sun is down and the night is riding in

My personal favourite is probably Remedy, because it perfectly embodies all the best elements of CRUSADES in one single song – I can’t get enough of that tune, it’s a fucking hit!

So if you share my love for raw but melodic early 80ies Hardcore you definetely need to check out CRUSADES. And even if your home’s more on the Metal side of things you should dare to take a listen, this band offers more than enough greatness for everyone. On a flyer for one of their shows it read “like Emperor playing Pop-Punk” – I could just leave it with that. 

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Crusades live

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  • Scott L

    This band is absolutely incredible. I ordered “The sun is down and the night is riding in” immediately after I read this post and it get’s about 3 or 4 listens a week now. Flawless, simply flawless. 🙂