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Tony Iommi
Portrait of Tony Iommi at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn on November 3rd, 2011, the day of his US book release for Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell With Black Sabbath. This is where life gets magical for me. Sabbath was a staple in my household. They were my mom’s first concert. Some of my earliest memories were being freaked out by the green witch on my dad’s Black Sabbath record. I’ve seen as many documentaries I could get my hands on. Never would I have thought I’d be more than within a few thousand yards squinting to see him on stage. It was a Thursday afternoon in a part of Brooklyn that is doesn’t get much foot traffic during the day. On this day though, from afar, it looked like cast of ‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’ lined up around the corner. As you walked up the door on the all black exterior with no sign out front was blasting all Black Sabbath tunes. He was kind. He smiled at everyone he met, shook hands, talked and signed copies of his book. As he was being ushered fans started yelling thank you and more joined in and just kept repeating it over and over again. I’ll always be grateful I was given the opportunity to meet the legend himself.


Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O)))
Photo of Stephen O’Malley thanking the crowd after the Sunn O)))/Boris collaboration, ‘Altar’, performance at the 2010 ATP Festival in New York. I was lucky enough to cover the ATP festival with Fred Pessaro on behalf of Brooklyn Vegan. I had been so excited for the day of this show. I had wanted to shoot them for years. So many wonderfully fucked up ideas were inspired by listening to them. Their collaboration with Boris was nothing short of mesmerizing both sonically and visually. I had always wanted to go back and re-edit this shot for my portfolio. It needed to be cleaned up and dodged and burned. It’s one of my new/old favorite shots.


Teenagers at a Toxic Holocaust show
I fucking love these kids. There’s really no story here. Just my Larry Clarke dreams coming true.


Here Comes Trouble
*I was given permission to use this photograph on the basis that I clearly state that these gentlemen are of the working class skinhead fashion and not the shitty, racist kind. And now that we’ve got that cleared up: I was caught off guard when I walked into a room at a punk house and found these two guys. I was playing with my camera. As soon as I saw them the one threw his arms up and I shot. What I didn’t realize was that they were getting ready to push off.


Montuori Making “The Sound of Every Promise”
This was taken in 2008 while Brian Montuori made one of the biggest paintings he had made yet.


Spirit Brother & his Dear
My parents dog I call Spirit Brother because he’s my spirit animal. My mom rescued him from where he was being held in a cage by a landlord of the owners who had run off, leaving him behind. Now he lives with them on a farm and has a whole mountain to hunt on. He comes home with dead animals all of the time. He doesn’t have a real name. My mom calls him Bud. I call him Brother for short.


Found in the basement of a catholic church while on location shooting production photos for a friend’s film.

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