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CVLT Nation salutes AGE OF COLLAPSE & MURDERESS for bringing us a kick ass interview – stay tuned for Pt. 2. Also, make sure to pick up the new MURDERESS EP at their shows…peep the east coast tour dates after the jump!

Alright. First off, who would win in a fight: Lemmy or God?

Only Lemmy is real.

Who from your band do you think you could beat in a fight? Who from Age of Collapse do you think you could beat in a fight?

Amanda, Everyone in both bands. She trains in fighting people to the death every day of her life.

It seems like most of you have come from different places. New Mexico, California, Hawaii. What were the punk scenes like in your hometowns and why did you move to Portland?

Jozy (CO), Rachel (HI) – non-existent.

Amanda (WY)- there’s one tiny scene that includes everyone; there’s no sub-scenes.

Casey (CA) – Jim Beam and driving to drink at the parking lot of Honey’s.

We moved here because Portland is better than everywhere else.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed being part of a punk scene as rich / convoluted as Portland’s?

Our scene is not convoluted; it’s very splintered and specific. It makes it easier, actually. Portland is the best place on Earth.

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How did you all meet each other?

The Church of Scientology. And OK Cupid. Oh, and Casey and Jozy were making out in a van when Amanda and Rachel walked in on them.

Musically, who are your biggest influences?

Frank Stallone, Richard Simmons, Raven and Sade.

Why are San Diego’s burritos so much better than Portland’s?

Skip, Portland is far superior to San Diego. Why are our donuts so much better?

There is a lot of great instrumentation on your LP with a lot of range. How did you all get into playing your particular instruments?

Rachel – I started playing git b/c I love it. It’s the most important thing I do.

Eben (drums) – I don’t remember; I think I was in middle school.

Jozy (vocals) – least amount of work and the most payoff.

Amanda – I started playing git b/c it’s too hard to play drums in an apartment. I pretty much learned in the band.

Casey – I was playing in a band with friends and we couldn’t decide who was not going to play git so I started playing bass.

Where is your favorite place to play on tour? Are there any particular good times or horror stories that stand above the rest?

The Bay is our favorite place to play. Horror stories on tour: one of the Murderess’s left their panties at the house we stayed at in New Mexico. Now it’s on the house’s wall. We’re pretty sure it was Eben’s.

What is the content of your lyrics? What are you trying to convey / express with your music in Murderess?

Anger, misanthropy, sex. Just kidding lol omg.

You’ve released your LP and have some other stuff coming out on Aborted Society Records. What’s it like working with Rob and the rest of those weirdos?

Who’s Rob? Oh yeah, that guy that makes us really good food. He’s cool.

Any new albums coming up? Tour dates? Final thoughts?

We have a 7″ and tape coming out soon. 10 days on the East Coast in August 2012, including the Gwar-BQ.

MURDERESS East Coast dates:
August 11th – Philly @ At Golden Tea House w/Nothing is Over, GA$H, AND Mellow Harsher
August 12th- Philly @ Cloud City w/ TBA
August 13th – Brooklyn @ The Acheron – 57 waterbury st – w/ HARDSKIN, SAD BOYS, COFFIN FITS
august 14th – Montreal @ Katacombs – 1635 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC w/ TBA
August 15th – Toronto @ the 460 – 460 spadina ave. at college st. -w/ ABYSS, KYFE and DENTATA
August 16th – Cleveland @ TBA
August 17th – Pittsburgh @ Kopec’s
August 18th – Richmond @ Gwarbbq – Hadad’s
August 19th – Baltimore – with Cognitive Dissonance (MN), Ecco, Hammerthrow at Piss Palace in
August 20th – Brooklyn @ Acheron – 57 waterbury st – w/ TRENCHGRINDER, DEATH FIRST

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