CVLT Nation Blackened Everything Vol. VIII

CVLT Nation Blackened Everything Vol. VIII

by November 23, 2012 3 comments
It’s fucking on…CVLT Nation is ultra stoked to announce that Vol. VIII of our acclaimed mixtape series, Blackened Everything, goes live today! We made sure that this one was more brutal than ever before. Get ready to make your ears burst with 20 tracks of pure rancid audio death! Follow the download links below (scroll over the image to download) and blast this motherfucker loud! Check the tracklisting after the jump. CVLT Nation salutes all of the bands that made it on this volume for creating the music that makes our blood boil!
CVLT Nation Blackened Everything Vol. VIII Track List 1. HexIS: Procella 2. NAILS: Obscene Humanity 3. Xaphan: "V." 4. Casque: Heroin Dreams 5. Blood Division: Raise the Black Flag 6. Little Sister: Exile's Return 7. THE SECRET: Angus Dei 8. Votnut: Wallow Within 9. Boddicker: They Fix Everything 10. Besta: Profunda Heresia 11. Nvklear Hellfrost: STORM OF NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION 12. Iskra: Privileged Morality 13. God Harvest: Flagship 14. Absvrdist: Illusory 15. Black Goat of the Woods: Opening the Bloodstained Gates 16. Deaf Kids: I Am The Sickness 17. KATA SARKA: Ghosts of Smoke 18. Aksumite: Come Alive By Fire 19. Depressor: Chunks 20. LORD MANTIS: Perverter of the Will

  • Nicholas Szumowski

    awesome, thanks

  • Alfonso FullboreMetal Williams

    LOVE IT!! /W

  • Black Smith

    good -n- sick