CVLT Nation Captures Elder

Elder, with Hashteroid, and Seer

November 3rd, 2017 – The Astoria, Vancouver, BC 

There’s times when there truly is nothing more satisfying than seeing people come out to a show in droves. This was certainly one such instance.

Seer kicked the night off with their eclectic blend of all things on the darker end of the metal spectrum, barely visible to the already substantial gathering before them on account of the stage being thickly enveloped in smoke – an atmosphere it’d be hard to claim was anything but fitting. I’m finding that this band’s stage presence gets stronger every time I see them, on this particular occasion not even skipping a beat despite having Dave Carr of Neck Of The Woods fill in on guitar for regular axeman Peter Sacco, who was on vacation in Iceland. A solid start to the night.


There’s something truly enjoyable about watching Hashteroid play to a packed room. In their short time as a band, they’ve had a lot of adversity to overcome, and to see them triumph in the face of it really makes you grateful for having such a devoted local scene. Bonus points to everyone up front rocking the fuck out.


As mentioned earlier, this was a well-attended show – quite possibly the most people I’ve ever seen at the Astoria at once. An impressive feat by any standard, even if it was the first time Elder has ever played Vancouver. As someone not terribly familiar with the band, I can’t personally attest to how well they played, only assess their performance based on the audience’s reception of them, which to me seemed overwhelmingly positive despite us all basically being packed in there like cattle. Hopefully the number of people that came out encourages these guys to come back sooner than later, so I can enjoy them when I’m not sick as a dog and approximately 3 days behind on sleep.


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