CVLT Nation Captures MYRKUR

Before loading into her Tolkien-elf longship and making the trip home to the undying lands of Valinor (see: Europe), Danish enchantress Myrkur deigned to grace the lowly inhabitants of NYC with a few intimate performances, including a headlining show on August 17 at the Brooklyn home of excellent heavy music, Saint Vitus.

In place of a Dark Lord, the Brooklyn crowd found itself in the presence of a Queen, not dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love her and despair!

Excuse me, got off on a tangent there. Myrkur apparently means “darkness” in Icelandic, and while the music she and her companions create does conjure feelings of lonely, frostbitten landscapes, watching her perform live feels like staring at an eclipse – blindingly beautiful in ways that seem undoubtedly irreversible.

The performance at Vitus represented what was apparently Myrkur’s first-ever headlining show in NYC, and she did not disappoint. The always-incredible unARTig was on hand filming the ritual, so do your eyes & ears a favor and check out the video below while browsing the photos taken by yours truly below.



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