CVLT Nation Mixtape<br/>Curated by Profane Existence

CVLT Nation Mixtape
Curated by Profane Existence

by February 6, 2012 5 comments

CVLT Nation is way beyond stoked to announce an exclusive mixtape curated by Profane Existence. The song selection is straight killer, no filler – now read what Profane Existence has to say about this sonic blast of fury!

This “mix tape” features most of our current roster. The tracks were taken from recent releases that are still available and in print. The exception being State of Fear and Disrespect, who aren’t active anymore, but were included because their members actively contributed to the life of Profane Existence while they were around… and in Dan’s (Disrespect) case still do! We thought about going back into our catalog and pulling out some of the classic “crust hits” but decided to focus our attention on what’s happening now. Looking back, the mix tape that stood out to me were the ones full of new and obscure bands. They marked different era’s in my life… new discoveries… and that’s why I liked them.

Stream CVLT Nation Mixtape Curated By PROFANE EXISTENCE:

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1. Appalachian Terror Unit – Black Sands (Black Sands 7″)
2. In Defence – Reinventing Rob Halford (Party Lines & Politics LP)
3. Dresden – Extinguish The Cross (Extinguish The Cross 7″)
4. No Tomorrow – Machines (No Tomorrow/Oiltanker split LP)
5. Against Empire – Thieves & Leeches (Thieves & Leeches LP)
6. Wartorn – Overdose (Aftermath Discography CD)
7. State Of Fear – Shroud (s/t 7″)
8. Varix – Lost Convictions (Welcome To Minneapolis 7″)
9. Police Bastard – The Lie (Police Bastard / War//Plague split LP)
10. War//Plague – Scene Not Heard (Police Bastard / War//Plague split LP)
11. Kontrasekt – Wasteland (Welcome To Minneapolis 7″)
12. Cognitive Dissonance – Reality?  (Welcome To Minneapolis 7″)
13. Oiltanker – Blind (No Tomorrow/Oiltanker split LP)
14. Oi Polloi – Systeemin Orja (ATU/Oi Polloi split 7″)
15. Resist – Another Day In Paradise (s/t 7″)
16. Appalachian Terror Unit – Judgemental, ignorant, Stupid and Blind (ATU/Oi Polloi split 7″)
17. Against Empire – Another Mouth To Feed (Thieves & Leeches LP)
18. In Defence – Black Metal Mania (PartyLines & Politics LP)
19. Disrespect – Rich Kid (out of print first 7″)
20. Appalachian Terror Unit – The End of Complacency (w/sample… internet release only)
21. Agrimonia – Cyst (Host of the Winged CD)

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    Track 7 where do I know that riff from? Is that Darkthrone?

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