CVLT Nation Premiere:
GOD HARVEST “Insulated” LP

One band that blew my in 2011 when we first started CVLT Nation was Florida’s GOD HARVEST. Flash forward to 2015, thousands of reviews later, and this fucking band blows my mind more than 100,000 corpses stumbling over the horizon! Their new album Insulated is fucking classic to me – is it Hardcore? Sort of… Is it Powerviolence? Sort of…Is it Brutal? Hell Yes! Will the new GOD HARVEST album be on one of our end of the year lists? You Motherfucking Know THAT! CVLT Nation is way beyond FUCKING stoked to be streaming Insulated in full below. You can pick up this kick ass piece of sonic filth now – on vinyl go HERE, for tapes go HERE!



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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

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GOD HARVEST “Insulated” LP"

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Mitchel Duzit

good music. but.. unnecessary, obnoxious cover “artwork” -.-

Chris Denny