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No God But the Wild

Certain music triggers specific memories in the human brain, and the Appalachian black metal horde Hunter’s Ground make me think about my time driving across Norway & Finland, when I felt like the forest was speaking to my soul about the ancient battles that took place there hundreds of years ago. On their 2011 self-released album, No God But the Wild, Hunter’s Ground conjure something profound. The composition “A Storm of Crows” attacks the warmth that exists inside of you and freezes it with piercing riffs. The songwriting skills of this group are beyond impressive; their songs are like time machines that transport your thoughts to a darker age. Under layers of blackened dirge, you will hear a sinister aura that floats above the audio onslaught on No God But the Wild. “Speaking With the Tongues of Trees” is one of grandest, bleakest pieces of music that I have heard in a long time, and it transcends any genre. Paul Waggener, their lead vocalist, delivers his well thought-out lyrics with a decaying voice that enchants. If you want to hear a band that is making art that is rooted in their environment, well this band is for you. CVLT Nation are beyond stoked that we are streaming Hunter’s Ground No God But the Wild in full below!

[audio:|titles= Hunter’s Ground A Storm of Crows]

[audio:|titles=02 Their Hands Were Stained From Her Dripping Blood] [audio:|titles= Hunter’s Ground And They Fed Their Flesh to the Vultures] [audio:|titles= Hunter’s Ground Speaking With the Tongues of Trees] [audio:|titles= Hunter’s Ground No God But the Wild] [audio:|titles= Hunter’s Ground The Fireless Winter]
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The Author

Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • Rogue

    Absolutely amazing. I look forward to hearing more.

  • Hamish

    This is great.

  • Seth

    Badass…my lil’ bro doing it big.

  • Fantastic! I am having my eyes on them for already a long time and I am happy that you are able to get them in the picture. Well deserved! Greetings from cold Holland.

  • Andy O

    That guitar tone is sick!

  • Sounds brilliant

  • Sam

    Any infos where to buy this album?

    • hay sam check the bands FB page they can direct where to pick up this awesome record!
      thanx for the support!
      cvlt nation