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Chopped & Doomed

If a stranger came up to me and said, who is one of your favorite young doom bands? Hands down my answer would be Swamp Witch. These Bay Area weed bandits put out an ultra-smokey tape this year entitled Gnosis. I dig every jam on this THC journey that’s filled with cosmic slop. When I hear their songs, I honestly feel like it’s a privilege, because I know I’m hearing something really special. What really made me pay attention to this band was the fact that they reached out to Texas DJ Dreemz to Chop & Screw their whole tape! Unholy fuck, the result is an whole other level of killadelic doom darkness that will have your nightmares moving in slow-motion. When you start hearing SWAMP WITCH tweaked, bent, chopped & screwed, you won’t need any purple in your cup. All you will need is a big bong load, then you will start feeling your face melt. Even when their songs are played at normal speed, you will feel like green monsters are attacking you, but when you hear them slowed down to a death crawl, then you will realize how creepy SWAMP WITCH really is. The remixed version of Gnosis has turned the genre of doom on it’s head, to reveal another face of ugly that will haunt you, even as you are awake! What’s awesome is that I could see some Texas homie getting turned on to this band because of this side of their tape, and that puts a smile on my grill! So check this out: we’re streaming the track below, but please be advised to smoke some Get Right before listening, and peep their other tunes HERE plus peep a sick video after the jump!
[audio: WITCH TAPE SIDE B.mp3|titles=SWAMP WITCH Chopped & Doomed]

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