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Murderess Vs. Age of Collapse

Murderess Vs. Age of Collapse

What’s it like to be in an all boy band?

You have to wash your balls in people’s sinks.

How do you write dark songs with all that sunshine?


What’s that taco recipe you made for us?

Let us answer your question with another question: how does it feel
to know that tacos from our dumpsters are better than anything found in PDX?

What is the most important non-musical accessory you bring on tour?

Sean – Bullet belt

Steve – Realistically, honestly…….weed.

Xavi – Mustache and papers.

Blaine – LOTS of pillows

Would you say that you’re patriotic? Are you proud to be an “American”?

Hey now. C’mon……grow up.

Tell the tale of the worst show you’ve ever played.

Sean – 2009 In Chico we all got swine flu. We could hardly stand, only played 3 songs and then my amp blew up.

Steve – Yep, lots of puking that day, but at least there was free pizza.

Xavi – I got my tooth knocked out by a cage fighter after asking him for money in Nevada.

Blaine – In 2004 we played our first show in California. It couldn’t have possibly gone worse. I contemplated suicide for the entire following week…

What new bands are you listening to now?

Sean – I haven’t been listening to anything new. I’ve been listening to 70’s rock and roll, Early 80’s Euro Crust, Late 80’s Japanese Crust and 60’s Psych rock/folk shit. Well I guess I’ve been listening to Kontatto from Italy and the new Hellshock album a lot too.

Steve – Been listening to a lot of Countdown to Armageddon and Woven Hand….that’s pretty much it.

Xavi – Bridgejumper

Blaine – The Sharkpact – Ditches LP rules, as does the new Adelit@s record. Down here in SD Anthrot is always turning out cool new stuff. Other than that, it’s been Downfall of Gaia, Kohosh and a whole lot of New Order for me.

If AoC was to have a mascot, what would it be?

We have a mascot. It’s R2D2.

Tell us about your pets.

Sean – I had a cactus once…

Steve – Orange tabby. She’s a brat.

Xavi – I have a 3 year old (fat) orange cat named Beast aka beastman, beast mode, hank mccoy, asshole. He likes to knock over water cups for fun, he cries until I walk over to his food bowl so I can watch him eat and he gets all up in your face if you are trying to enjoy a beer on the couch. If you have ever had an orange cat in your life you know they are both awesome and a pain in the ass. I also have a 10 month old brindle american terrier pitbull named odie aka odorous pup, missy-cake, pigpen. She is a happy go lucky pup we saved from a shelter in Barstow Ca, she never barks and she LOVES EVERYONE, especially her brother Beast. She also really loves grapes, strawberries and cat poop.

Blaine – I live in a house called the Animal Farm. We have two bearded dragons, a leopard gecko, two cats and a pair of chickens. They keep things exciting with their nonstop antics and hilarity. One of my cats, Bagheera, just learned how to eject disks from the DVD player so that he can swat at them before they get sucked back in.

Do you feel naked without your bullet belt? If so, why?

Sean – Yes. It’s great that there is a bullet belt rental office in Portland!

Xavi – I don’t hold on to ammo long enough to have a belt!!!

Blaine and Steve – We are nudists…

…And since you didn’t ask, We’ll go ahead and add that we’ll be touring the
West Coast from August 10 – 24…(tour dates below)

AUG 10 – Santa Cruz @ The Shit House w/ Critic
AUG 11 – Oakland @ The Swamp w/ WARTRASH, Caffa & Old Crow
AUG 12 – Arcata @ Ink Annex w/ Bonedance (ID), Tigon
AUG 13 – Eugene @ Wandering Goat w/ Crawlin (Seattle)
AUG 14 – PDX @ The Know w/ Ripper and Lecherous Gaze
AUG 15 – Tacoma @ The Redroom
AUG 16 – Seattle @ Club M w/ CTA, Rat Damage, Pins of Light (Oakland – mems of Dead and Gone), Lecherous Gaze (Oakland)
AUG 17 – Bremerton @ the Charleston w/ Rat Damage and Negative Balance
AUG 18 – PDX @ The Ranch w/ Raw Nerves, Wretched of the Earth and Night Nurse
AUG 20 – Santa Rosa@ Los Caballos w/ Negative Standards, Whorpath and Still Ill
AUG 21 – San Luis Obispo @ The Broad House
AUG 22 – Long Beach w/ Destroy Judas, Headwind and Wither
AUG 24 – Tijuana @ Arte & Rock Cafe

Thanks friends! Have fun out East. I hope you all found this informative, yet stimulating…..Oh, and we’re coming for your donuts!

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