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I find so much light in the darkness that at times it does not even feel like darkness anymore, just an ocean of positivity. One source of inspiration is all of the interesting beings that make up this world that CVLT Nation exists within. One label that we have mountains of respect for is The AJNA Offensive, because of the depth he goes to to put out things that make a difference. Honestly, this label is bigger than just records – The AJNA Offensive also co-publishes books with Feral House, such as Propaganda and Holy Writ of “The Process Church of the Final Judgement,” Blutleuchte or Infernal Proteus, which are all printed on the finest quality paper. You can tell by the way The AJNA Offensive pays attention to detail that this is a true labor of love and he has huge respect for the knowledge he is dealing in. Then there is the music that his label puts out that crosses over different genres to only release records that mean something to him and to his customers. In The AJNA Offensive webstore, you will find the latest titles from Sabbath Assembly (review HERE),Teitanblood (review HERE), Necros Christos and many more. Plus there is a distro for you to wander around that carries even more labels and killer records! After the jump, take a closer look at The AJNA Offensive books plus read detailed descriptions and some more surprises!

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • steve chapman

    I don’t have the details yet but Ajna is releasing a book around April with Art by Manuel Tinnemans,Timo Ketola,and Sami Hynninen called Tabula Obscura.