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Noise noise + raw punk + death rock d-beat grooves = just a part of what makes Austin’s KURRAKA so fucking sick. Their four song demo has been getting constant spins since I first heard it. What gets me so hyped is their use of caustic melody that has different layers of angst, from early 80’s punk to Post Punk. Some of the drumming you will find on this demo will have the dead dancing in their graves. Then there is the vocal delivery, which is urgent and alarming! On songs like “RAAH” the band do even more off-kilter stuff that draws me further into their world. I guess if I had to pinpoint their sound, I would call it native d-beat with African-inspired raw punk on some epic call and response shit! I do want something from KURRAKA – I want them to do a full album so I can play more than just four songs. If any bloggers or writers are reading this, make sure to spread the word. KURRAKA is a band that has originality flowing through every note that they create, and I really hope the world gets to hear more from this band. You can pick up their demo HERE and peep the two songs we are streaming below!

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