CVLT Nation’s Sick Demo Pick…
SKULL Review + Stream

Do you ever hear the kind of music that makes you want to spit in the face of corrupt power and burn down the icons that hold the poor in bondage? SKULL from Norway are that kind of music. From the first listen of their self-titled demo, all I have wanted to hear was their version of Death/Crust. I’m super hyped on this band, and their thick clouds of vile dirty grooves get me fucking high. Is there one boring moment on this demo? Hell fucking no! All 7 tracks will crack the death metal whip against your flesh. As songwriters, SKULL know what the fuck they are doing, because they have all of these interesting detours that take place within each song. The guitar playing on this demo is speaking the violent alien language of “kill kill kill, die motherfucker, you are now with ear shot of the caustic riffs from Hell.” I’m ultra impressed with how this band is able to engage the listener with a filthy waterfall of maggot-filled melody that will only make you want to hear more! Check this out – when you hear “Black Occult Reason,” with it’s apocalyptic bass and decapiting drum beats, you will realize that SKULL must become a part of your sonic pleasure. The vocals on this demo are just as fucking heavy, which only adds more cyco drama to this whole audio adventure. This music melts away boundaries, so I know mad crusty punks will dig it just as much as hardcore death metal freaks. That’s the cool thing about the way SKULL makes music – it’s so honest you never hear when one influence ends and the other one begins. The lyrical content that this band writes about transcends race and gender, it’s that humans condition that we all face, which gets under my skin in a good way. I don’t know what’s in the water in Norway, but whatever it is, SKULL has been drinking a whole lot of gnarly juice. I can’t stress how fucking awesome this band is, and that’s why CVLT Nation has made it a SICK DEMO PICK! Do I want to hear more? Hell fucking yes, all I ask is that they keep it dirty! Make sure to peep the download and streaming link below – The Black Thrash Attack is ON!!!…DOWNLOAD HERE.

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SKULL Review + Stream"

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Jason Nemaria

Check out their other band Katechon. Even better!