About CVLT Nation

About CVLT Nation CVLT Nation is an online magazine focused on the darker side of life. We cover music, art, fashion or film that relates to the heavy metal or punk rock subcultures. Our bloggers come from all around the world, and help to bring a global perspective to the CVLT Nation community. CVLT Nation is a platform for underground music, bands with labels and without, and for artists, photographers and filmmakers who explore dark imagery. We are always open to suggestions and comments at contact@cvltnation.com. We also accept music, art, film and fashion submissions for review, just click the "submissions" link under CVLT Nation. For information about advertising with CVLT Nation, contact meghan@cvltnation.com. We also run the CVLT Nation clothing brand, a carefully curated collection of designs that feature hand-drawn artwork by artists from around the world. Each season we find new artists to work with, and we strive to make our clothing as unique and authentic as possible. Everything in our line is made in Los Angeles, USA, and produced to the highest standards of quality. Visit the CVLT Nation Store to view and purchase our latest offerings, and make sure to check out our stockists. For wholesale inquiries, contact Meghan or Sean at cvltclothing@gmail.com.
Artists we have worked with to date: Daniel Desecrator Halseycaust Toshihiro Egawa Alemsahim Elias Tormentor Alexander Brown Bryan Proteau Viral Graphics Rainbath Visual C H van Eeckhout Cub of the Woods Andy Sloan//TruthWithinTime Jacob Parmentier Maxime Taccardi Mark Riddick View From the Coffin Santa Muerte Norot Art Photographers: Alan Hunter Samantha Marble Lele Saveri Band Collaborations: Samothrace Tombs The Secret Gehenna Brand Collaborations: Santa Muerte Ovate Black Scale Raised By Wolves