D.O.A. – Smash The State:
The Raw Original D.O.A. 1978-81
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D.O.A. gave a bunch of young punks in the 80’s a listen in politics that our schools were not giving us! These Canadian punks knew how to play their instruments and write fantastic songs that have stood the test of time. In a way, D.O.A. were like the North American version of The Clash. I remember when I got my copy of War on 45 not only was the cover rad as fuck but the tunes had me bouncing off the walls for weeks. I feel pretty lucky that I got to see them a bunch when I was younger, and I never remember them putting on a bad performance. In my book, D.O.A. wrote anthems for a generation to listen to and wake the fuck up! Joey Shithead and crew have given their lives to punk and everything it stands for. Now it’s time to check out D.O.A. Smash the State, which is a video full of vintage show footage, and the quality is outstanding! CVLT Nation salutes this band for all of their sacrifices – D.O.A. has helped pave the way for future generations!

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