Darkside Propaganda<br/>Ritual Clothing<br/> by November 7, 2012 0 comments

Ritual Clothing out of Scotland likes to keep things simple and evil. They make t-shirts with a clean streetwear aesthetic and a clear Satanic perspective. Their t-shirts make statements that are not for the weak of heart or mind, with slogans like “Darkside Propaganda,” “Don’t be Racist, Hate Everyone” and “Lucifer” emblazoned in huge letters across their tees. Personally, I love walking around pretty much everywhere in the US, but especially the religious parts, wearing clothing that causes born-agains to collapse in fits of foaming tongues, or at the very least, to stay the fuck away from me. And thank Satan the Morman didn’t win, so t-shirts like this won’t be outlawed or some shit. Ritual Clothing also has a dope mixtape for free download featuring our locals ACxDC plus other rad bands like Heksed (rocking Ritual in the photo below). Hope they put up more of those soon! Check out a gallery of their offerings after the jump…

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