Dead Babies & Bikini Girls…NECK FACE

Neck Face is one of my favorite contemporary artists, just for the reason that his art captures the grotesque and the hilarious so well. If Neck Face’s art was a movie, it would be Evil Dead. Exploding uteruses and flying fetuses, Indians killing aliens, and Klingons killing bikini-clad women. As well as his the weirdo content, I also admire his technique – he does a killer fucking blood spatter, and his exploding bodies almost make you feel the spray of blood and flesh on your face. On the surface, his art may not seem like the kind of work that makes you think; but if you really want to, you can contemplate the violent deaths of the limp 60s-hairdo bikini ladies and their babies, and you may be surprised at the thoughts that come to your mind. After the jump, check out some selected 2009 works featured over at the OHWOW Gallery site…

Neck Face is a Cali native, transplanted to New York, who has been showing on both coasts since 2002. He works in New York, but all the bathing suits and orange tans make me think his heart is in Cali. Most recently, Neck Face was a part of the MOCA “Art in the Streets” show, which we didn’t make it to – but honestly, he was the only artist that we really wanted to see, and we will be heading over there after the hipster masses have cleared out to check out his pieces. ***CORRECTION*** I just found out that ROA was also showing, and I would have loved to see his stuff too…just goes to show what being cynical gets you.

Images via OHWOW.

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