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Here is a very interesting documentary from 1993 examining Death Metal & the effects it was having on society. What I do like about this film is that people from the scene are a big part of the discourse that is taking place. It’s funny to see what the doctors had to say about how death metal might damage a kid’s way of looking at the world. At certain points in the documentary, it reminds me how punk rock was demonized in the early 80’s – I will never forget how they had boot camps that thought they could punish the punk out of teenager, trust me it did not work. It’s nice to see & hear how smart many of the artist featured in this film were. They actually were breaking shit down to the nitty gritty. Oh snaps I can’t forget to tell you about all of the rad vintage performances you will be able to view while watching this documentary. Most of the footage takes place in Florida, which to some people in this world is the home of this musical monster called Death Metal. After the jump, step back in time & see some funny metal hair – I mean see a rad documentary!

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