Delumination…Tatomir Pitariu

Tatomir Pitariu has deep roots in dark art. Born and raised in the black forests of Transylvania, Pitariu found his terrifying inspiration all around him. His life among the fantastic creatures and heavy shadows that inhabit that legendary land form the basis of his works, but his move to LA in 1995 has also brought an element of this city into his creations as well. His work explores the inhabitants of the shadowlands of these two diverse locations, peering into the gaping belly of a 1000 year-old tree and looking into glowing eyes, and creeping down the seedy Hollywood alleys, watching humanity decay around you. However, despite his sometimes bleak and disturbing imagery, Pitariu’s work can also have a radiant dark joy to it, like in his painting “our lord and savior, bearer ov the light,” a piece he did for the Dark Arts group show at Congregation Gallery at Forgotten Saints on Melrose. While drawing has been his medium of choice for the past few decades, he only very recently entered the world of painting in 2008, which is surprising when you look at the depth and beauty of his oil works. He frequently shows at the Congregation Gallery and has a solo show, Helements, opening there this Saturday, October 15th. After the jump, check out Pitariu’s drawings going back to 1985, as well as a selection of his paintings from recent years…

OCTOBER 15, 2011
9:00-12:00 PM

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