Streaming<br/> New DISPIRIT Track<br/> “All Paths End The Same”

“All Paths End The Same”

by May 3, 2013 2 comments

“111112”, The latest release from The Mysterious Dark Bay Area Quartet, Dispirit, is now available to order directly from the band at

This band is truly something special. This is the latest release from the Artist behind The Gault, Weakling, & Asunder. All of which are incredible and should be essential listening for anyone trying to expand their dark musical horizons. When you have a pedigree like that with the new addition of Sixes, your listening experience is going to be otherworldly.


This is a preview of a frightening track titled, “All Paths End The Same”. There’s a continuation of the romanticism of misery and absolute horror involved in their trademark soundscaping style and now it’s even denser and more methodically controlled. Unnerving, Hypnotic Bliss. Enjoy the preview and make sure to support the band.


  • Hank Hill

    Intro very Weakling-esque. Wish the recording quality was slightly better

  • The Technogoat

    That intro gave me chills. Absolutely spellbinding.