The long awaited 7 inch from California powerviolence/grind act DNF is finally here. The Hurt EP is a collection of 8 bruising songs available for the first time in a physical format. DNF has been flooring crowds playing on bills with the likes of Thou, Nails, Deafheaven and Lake of Blood. Their shows always turn into a maelstrom of limbs as vocalist Kyle stirs the audience into a frenzy with his confrontational stage presence and powerful roar. The intensity of their live performance is now etched into the grooves of vinyl. Each song is a short burst of energy that makes you feel like you just stepped in front of a jet engine. Grind and powerviolence bands have a knack for for choosing incredibly succinct titles (Wormrot’s “Abuse” and Weekend Nachos “Unforgiveable” come to mind). “Hurt” will leave you feeling just that. Each of these songs feels like a physical assault, and it’s almost impossible to sit still while listening to it. While most of the songs are incredibly fast paced, the band brings the sludge for a bit on “Most Few” when the grindcore pace gives way to a doomed-out dirge, back to grind all while keeping the length under two minutes. “Homesick” is another song that brings the doom, and you think this will be the record’s slowest jam, when the blast comes out of left field and destroys your ear drums all over again. Press releases will all mention that the band includes members of Trash Talk and Touche Amore, but DNF is an entitey unto itself. Hurt sounds nothing like either of the other bands that the members are a part of. Don’t sleep on this band, order Hurt here and catch the band live whenever you can. Stream “Homesick” and check out some live photos of DNF after the jump!


Full gallery of DNF at SF Sludge

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Been waiting for this for ages. I seen it was supposed to come out march 20th ish so have been checking every day since then haha. Ordered; cant wait to blast this!