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Review Source Profane Existence written by Cavey

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Hailing from Germany DOWNFALL OF GAIA, these folks really know how to push the limits of a song and drive it in all emotions and musical dynamics. Their split LP with IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS from Sweden is a testament to the cornucopia of concepts and sounds. This ain’t no doom/sludge song where they just work a riff (or note) over and over and over (which sometimes can be good but c’mon already) and scream for 20 minutes. There’s some real composition here. No two parts are very the same. It’s kinda like watching a really intense movie where you never know what’s gonna happen and it keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat…only to have an unexpected, breathtaking and “what just happened” ending. This LP drags you through lifetimes of epic and sonic rendering of emotions and experiences.

There are two monumental track s on the DOWNFALL OF GAIA side – 1. These Wet Feathers, and 2. ….Won’t Dry On Their Own. I have to say this is not work that you can just listen to on the fly and absorb it. These tracks not even something you can listen to 10 times in one day and absorb it. They may not be catchy but indeed they are powerful and heart stopping. This is some soundtrack worthy material that delves deep into depths of time, earth and humanity. The range and transition of atmospheric vs heavy and violent is quite pure aboriginal fury yet beautiful and symphonic at the same time.

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The IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS side is a perfect compliment ……another two very lengthy tributes to the very deepest corners of life, death, earth and the universe, we have – 1. In The Hearts Of Emperors – Marching Into Forever, and 2. In The Hearts Of Emperors – Tears Fall Down In Order To Watch Us Fall-You Are Bleeding, Every Shed Of Light Is Dying. This really lays out some deadly primal pounding and guttural expression, almost like they are channeling the very cries from the center of the Earth. These tracks are a little more relentless in approach than DOWNFALL OF GAIA with slightly less atmosphere to give the soul a break but still heartbreaking and beautiful in the same manner. This pounds like a buncha cavemen ready for the hunt……..

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