August 27, 2014

Dropdead is a legendary Hardcore Punk band from Rhode Island. If you are into punk, you know about this band. They are the real deal. I had the opportunity of seeing them on 9-2-12 at a day show in San Francisco. They have been an active band in the scene and community for over 20 years!! They were playing with Elegy, Vaccuum(Last show), Permanent Ruin, & Bumbklaatt. When it was time for Vaccuum to begin I realized I had forgot my memory card. I stuck around and watched them as they are a really cool band, really anything that Robert Collins is apart of is gonna be worth checking out. When they finished I drove back to Oakland to retrieve my memory card so I could make it in time to film Dropdead. There was no way that I was going to miss the opportunity to capture this awesome intimate performance.


I currently reside in the Bay Area and I'm in love with the scene out here. My goal is to bring exposure to Bands/Artists that I think are worthwhile and to video document as much as possible to capture the Awesomeness of the Underground Scene. If you are interested in checking out more footage that i've captured, you can subscribe to my Youtube station.

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