Ear/Splitters & CVLT Nation Present:
The Hull Tour Diary Episode 6
The Final Episode

Today we present to you the final chapter in the Hull Tour Diary. It’s taken us all over the country, following Hull through America’s towns big and small, meeting the locals and eating a variety of fried foods. This episode features the hospitality of the deep south and the road home for Hull, a journey through blizzards to bring them back home to Brooklyn post-Sandy. CVLT Nation wants to say a huge thanks to Ear/Splitters for coordinating this awesome tour diary! And extra huge thanks to Hull for letting us in on their world for a few weeks! It’s been rad! Watch episode 6 below and make sure to catch up on the other episodes on our Youtube channel!

The Tail End of Tour: New Orleans, Fest 11, Atlanta, Johnson City, Fawn Grove and Farewell.

Photo Matt Nielson

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