Exclusive <br/>CVLT Nation Streaming <br/>EIBON  “Elements of Doom”

CVLT Nation Streaming
EIBON “Elements of Doom”

by April 8, 2013 4 comments

If death came in the form of a slow-moving baseline that could choke the life out of me, then my demise might take place at the hands of Frances’s EIBON, who have a filthy new album entitled II that is being released via Throat Ruiner Records and Aesthetic Death on May 1st. This dissolute, doom-laden listening experience is made up of two mammoth songs that will have you in a heavy trance-like state of mind. This is similar to how trading forex works such as forex trading from Australia from Australian forex trading websites or forex online trading from usa work. We were already huge fans of EIBON at CVLT Nation, and this record only strengthens our admiration for them. Today we are so fucking honored to be streaming EIBON’s “Elements of Doom” below! This doomedelic record is one that you need in your collection!…Pre-Order HERE!…Pre Order CD’s HERE & Download digital album HERE.

[audio:http://www.cvltnation.com/wp-content/audio/02 Elements Of Doom.mp3|titles=EIBON – Elements Of Doom]

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4 Comments on "Exclusive
CVLT Nation Streaming
EIBON “Elements of Doom”"

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Jeremy Burtch
3 years 18 days ago

I regularly revisit Entering Darkness, so I will be checking this out ASAP.

Joseph Waltz
Joseph Waltz
3 years 20 days ago

The cover art was taken from the Triptychon “Der Krieg” (The War) by german artist Otto Dix.

Markou Prod
3 years 22 days ago

Come see them live in paris, next wednesday !

Allan Daniel
3 years 22 days ago

Fucking amazing! The song and the cover art!! Sick!!!